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Apr 12 2013

Thank you, crowepps

Bad news: I’m informed offline by Mattir that fellow hordeling crowepps has passed away, not particularly expectedly. She wasn’t the most loquacious commenter here, and I didn’t know her at all aside from reading what she wrote here. But I always liked what she had to say. She was funny: I am boggled by the …

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Oct 11 2012

Why I am an atheist – Jeff Duval

I’ve been an atheist since before I knew the word “atheist” existed.  It still seems silly to me that we need a word to describe people who aren’t convinced by a claim that has zero evidence behind it.  After all, we don’t waste time talking about a-ghostism or a-sasquatchism as if these were worldviews that …

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Oct 10 2012

Why I am an atheist – otter3377

Its amazing how being “saved” can begin to change your attitude towards religion. My family did not regularly attend church, but as an young teen, my mother brokered a deal with my sister and I that if we attended church on Sundays, our chores would be waived for that period of time. Sounded like a …

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Oct 09 2012

Why I am an atheist – Ravel

I never got the man in the sky.  I was brought up in an ultra Reform Jewish home, with holidays celebrated at home in English, and no formal religious training after I was about 8.  I read the stories, but my connection to Judaism was cultural (food, some major holidays, know you’re Jewish in case …

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Oct 08 2012

Why I am an atheist – Barbara Eckstein

Because there’s no other rational, thinking choice.  Barbara Eckstein

Oct 07 2012

Why I am an atheist – Schwag

I’m an atheist because of a nun.

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Oct 06 2012

Why I am an atheist – Jim

[Sunday Bible study class, 1973; I'm 12] Me: So, how can we PROVE that God exists? Teacher: We can’t, we just have to believe.

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Oct 05 2012

Why I am an atheist – Harry Salzman

This could be a much longer response, going over my background and struggles with religion, how good it felt to believe that there was always someone invisible watching over me, that there was someone who saw all injustice and ensured that it all came out right in the end, but frankly, I don’t think there’s …

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Oct 04 2012

Why I am an atheist – Dustin

I remember during my youth I was pretty “spiritual” and believed in an after life,  a higher power, etc. I didn’t affiliate myself with any particular religion. I would take a cursory interest in the main ones, but always being an independent (some would say stubborn) thinker I reveled in figuring things out for myself. …

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Oct 03 2012

Why I am an atheist – Don Fearn

I grew up in Northwestern Minnesota in a nominally Christian household; Mom and Dad took us to church most Sundays, and it was usually the Methodist church, although once in a while we would go to a Catholic mass, a Baptist “come to Jesus” meeting, or a Lutheran church — just for variety, I guess. …

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