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May 12 2013

If they use guns, it’s not terrorism

One or a few people shot up a Mothers’ Day Parade in New Orleans — nobody was killed, but 17 were injured. It’s strangely quiet out there. The news has been non-stop “Boston terrorism!”, “Lone wolf terrorism!”, “Oh, woe, what shall we do about terrorism?” for the last few weeks, but guns blasting a parade, …

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May 07 2013

Did a bat land on you at the Kelso Depot in the Mojave Desert?

Boosting signal on this, because it’s potentially very urgent and the person at risk could be anywhere in the world at this point. A week ago, on April 30, a visitor to the Kelso Depot in the Mojave National Preserve had a bat land on his neck. The bat — a Myotis lucifugus a.k.a. little …

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May 06 2013

Christian de Duve has died

Christian de Duve won the Nobel prize in 1974 (along with Claude and Palade) for his work on the biochemistry of the cell. He also wrote several books on the origin and evolution of life. Here he is speaking at the Lindau meetings a few years ago. Christian de Duve is now dead at 95, …

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Apr 18 2013

I know almost nothing about Jackiesue

I only just learned she even exists a few minutes ago. She calls herself “a pagan and a left wing democrat” in the tagline of her blog “Yellowdog Granny,” where she also says “I got older but I never grew up.” She’s a friend of someone I’ve known online for a few years. She’s in …

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Apr 15 2013

Boston terror

Explosions, severely wounded bystanders, evacuations: the Boston Marathon has been marred by some kind of catastrophe at the finish line. New Englanders, report — we’re all wondering what happened, and I’m mainly getting just brief blips in between classes and meetings.

Apr 04 2013


Worrisome news from China: A person who had close contact with a dead H7N9 bird flu patient in Shanghai has been under treatment in quarantine after developing symptoms of fever, running nose and throat itching, local authorities said late Thursday. So far, China has confirmed 14 H7N9 cases — six in Shanghai, four in Jiangsu, …

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Feb 15 2013

Awesome cool scary horrible frightening!

A meteor exploded over Russia, injuring hundreds of people. At last report, no one had been killed, fortunately. Most of the injuries were caused by flying debris from the shock wave, but official police reports are describing the impact site and showing small fragments — it really went kablooiee. There are also lots of videos …

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Oct 26 2012

Please stay safe, Eastern North American hordelings

I’ve been a lot quieter here the last week or so than I’ve wanted to be, mainly due to a low-grade ick of some sort that’s been making me not much good for anything after 4 pm for the last two weeks. The old immune system seems to be kicking in, though, and forecast is …

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Aug 25 2012

The Moon curse finally got him

God never intended men to walk on the moon; if he had, we’d have had rockets in our butts. At last, He has his revenge on he who had the outrageous hubris to dare to leave the Earth: Neil Armstrong has died, 43 years after walking on the moon. I do like this quote. I …

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Aug 20 2012

Anti-vaxers kill another child

So North Carolina is reporting their first death (of the year, I presume) from pertussis, or whooping cough. A 2-month-old infant has died of the disease. Whooping cough is highly contagious and spread usually by coughing or sneezing in close contact. It can be serious at any age, but it is life-threatening in newborns and …

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