Aug 01 2011

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Just what have you been eating?

(via National Geographic)


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  1. 1
    Philip L

    Drinking the FreeThoughtBlogs Kool-Aid perhaps? Everything else around here’s turned blue as well.

    Good morning PZ!

  2. 2

    Well, Willy Wonka warned him not to chew the gum…

  3. 3

    Nice place you got here. Hopefully you guys are ready for inevitable the surge in traffic. It would be hilarious if Pharyngula pharyngulated itself. ;)

  4. 4

    “via National Geographic” huh….; Not rubbing it in, are we….

  5. 5
    Bruce Everett

    I hope one day to be lucky enough to come across Tiliqua adelaidensis, the pygmy blue tongue. One of my Biota lecturers was able to do his PhD thesis on the little critters.

    Numbers are on the way back up, despite their population currently being severely fragmented, and I hope the trend continues. Would be nice for the general public in the area to be able to see the occasional pygmy.

  6. 6
    Marie the Bookwyrm

    Well hello, shiny new blog! Just wanted to pop in before I go to sleep & say I’m looking forward to checking out the new blogs & the ones that I haven’t seen before. Good luck to all! I’ll check in again later today.

    Oh, and will The Endless Thread be moved to this site? Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. 7

    Smurfs are tasty.

  8. 8
    Ron Sullivan

    Hey, I know a guy who can do that with his tongue!

    Except not the blue part, at least without outside input.

  9. 9
    Katrina, radicales féministes athées

    The image is blank. When I try to view image in a different window, I get the database error that everyone keeps mentioning.

  10. 10

    Nice new place you got here, PZ.

  11. 11

    Looks like he stuck his tongue in the blue printer ink and is trying to get the bad taste out of his mouth.

  12. 12

    Philip Legge, scribouillard | 1 August 2011 at 6:47 am :

    Drinking the FreeThoughtBlogs Kool-Aid perhaps?

    It’s not Kool-Aid. It’s Flavor-Aid.

  13. 13

    He’s been drinking out of the toilet again.

  14. 14
    The Sailor

    llewelly, that was funny! I was going with “Blue Velvet

    Why yes, I am testing my old/new ‘nym on a new platform that is a rocky hillside. Why do you ask!?

  15. 15
    Philip L

    Looks like he stuck his tongue in the blue printer ink and is trying to get the bad taste out of his mouth.

    That would be the taste of bitter almonds wouldn’t it? Cyanide.

    I’ll get my coat.

    (And there’s where we get the Flavor-Aid connection Llewelly?)

  16. 16
    Amblebury, bonne niut, Irene

    Blue-tongued skink. Had ‘em about the place when I lived in Darwin Aus.

  17. 17
    Amblebury, can't spell worth a damn


  18. 18
    Wowbagger, Designated Snarker

    Sadly, I only see blue-tongue lizards when they’re roadkill.

  19. 19

    If I remember my elementary school days correctly*, the only things that could turn your tongue that vivid shade were blue raspberry Now n Laters.

    And evolution.

    *Unlikely. I don’t remember this morning correctly.

  20. 20

    That’s a wonderful contrast!

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