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Jun 16 2012

Blogathon: 1st Hour

Okay…okay… I’m awake… … zzzz … Huh? Right. Blogathon.

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Jun 12 2012

Free Thoughts #3: Grown-Ups

A few days ago, The Telegraph posted this apparently innocuous little article entitled “The 50 Signs You’re A Grown-Up“. Normally, I don’t take things like this particularly seriously. But this one kind of hit a nerve. Mostly because it sort of calcifies a rather horrible message I’ve been getting my whole life. Namely, that to …

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Jun 08 2012

Free Thoughts #1: Superheroes And Disability

So this is the first in a new series of shorter, unpolished posts based on my frequent twitter rants. Yesterday, some webcomic writer dude named Aaron Diaz (@dresdencodak) made the assertion on twitter that superheroes, as a genre, are fundamentally at odds with representations of disability. Say what?

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May 03 2012

The Unspeakable

Yesterday morning, on the third day of her trial, CeCe McDonald accepted a bargain for reduced charges and pled guilty to one charge of second degree manslaughter, with a probable sentence of 41 months. Three and a half years in a men’s prison, where she will undoubtedly be again subjected to exactly the forms of …

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Apr 25 2012

We Have Enough Martyrs

“So many transgender women of color are attacked and violently killed.  In this case, CeCe is basically being prosecuted for surviving.” – Billy Navarro Jr. A couple nights ago I read this compelling piece by twitter-friend and colleague Erica Inchoate, regarding the curious silence from certain prominent figures in the trans community, such as Dean …

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Apr 24 2012


A funny thing happened on my way to therapy on Friday…

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Apr 10 2012

But Seriously, Prostitution Is Not Sex Slavery

As I mentioned a couple days ago, Taslima Nasreen has now joined Freethought Blogs, and I (and the rest of us) are well and truly honoured and excited to have her. I really do have an immense amount of respect for her. But yesterday she wrote a post that I find I absolutely can’t leave …

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Apr 06 2012

An Open Letter To Stephen Ira

Dear Stephen, So I wanted to write you about some of the things we’d been tweeting about in regards to the relationship between atheism and privilege and stuff, and found that a lot of things I was thinking were important to say were… well… things I felt were really important to say, and I started …

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Apr 05 2012

There Is No Behind Our Backs

I get a bit frustrated on occasion with how much us transy types limit ourselves when discussing the issue of passing. We hold ourselves back from really getting into the thick of what it suggests and implies, how it operates, what it means about concepts of minority status and privilege in a general sense beyond …

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Mar 22 2012

Spot The White Savior

So there’s this person called Amy Dentata. She thinks atheism is racist, and didn’t like my “God Does Not Love Trans People” post. So she wrote a response. More or less same kind of argument Be Scofield made. But Amy Dentata doesn’t play fair. In the exchange that followed in the comment thread, she deleted …

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