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German Trans Girl Forcibly Institutionalized

Remember when I wrote about the 11 year old trans girl whose absentee father was trying to have her committed to involuntary inpatient psychiatric care because he believed she’d been “brainwashed” by her mother into having a female gender identity?

In some of the most appalling, disgusting news I’ve ever heard, the German courts have ruled in favour of the father, forcing her into the custody of psychiatrists who will, theoretically, attempt to “cure” her transgenderism.

Not only is it a horrifying violation of human rights, it is the State sanctioning the torture and permanent disfigurement of a child, robbing her of her bodily autonomy, and inflicting upon her her worst nightmare, all in the name of “helping”. And maintaining completely bullshit ideas about how gender works.

You CANNOT brainwash someone into a given gender identification. If you could, there’d be no such thing as trans people in the first place. There is abundant evidence indicating that reparative therapy for gender identity disorder DOES NOT WORK.

It is also barbaric and monstrously unethical.

I’m so angry right now. Angry and sick.

And people have the audacity to get all up in arms when we symbolically express that anger through tattoos?  But allow things like this to happen?

In other news…

Proof that Emma Goldman would have been a tranarchist, from The Distant Panic.

And oldie but a goodie (albeit imperfect in its definitions of radical feminism, which is not just extra-feministy feminism), especially relevant now in relation to the whole Cotton Ceiling controversy and how spitting mad Brennan and her followers have been lately, You Cannot Smash Patriarchy With Transphobia.

A trans man sets up his own ministry. No need for me to add my thoughts on this just yet, but I’m working on some more atheism stuff for next week.

Cathy Brennan Vs. The Cotton Ceiling. Excellent overview of what’s been going on in this debate lately. Something else I’ll be discussing soon.

And if you’re as seething with rage as I am about the German case, here’s a bat that might help make you feel at least a little bit better:


I’ll try to write more about the Germany thing once my vacation is over. I think this is important. State-sanctioned torture of children in a developed western democracy of the 21st century.