Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 26 2012

The Rights of the Un-conceived as a Forgotten Mission Field

As the American Religious Civil War (ARCW) cooks along, the body count increases. Major damage has been done by the forces of un-reason. The Creation Museum, in Kentucky, continues to draw great throngs who gape at fantasy and marvel at myth made fact. Laws are being passed that require public schools to teach religious doctrines …

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Aug 21 2012

Conservatives Attack a Major Pillar of American Freedoms.

http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/08/conservative_group_challenges.html#incart_river_default Check out this, and the great number of reader responses generated thereby. They argue that putting a 17 foot steel cross, weighing many tons, that has been blessed, sanctified, and worshiped, in the 9/11 museum, is not an attempt to endorse or establish the Christian religion. Wonder just how they think it would look …

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Aug 19 2012

A Sad Day for Freedom. Kentucky Must Acknowledge Almighty God to be Safe.


Aug 13 2012

Atheists Should Visit the Creation Museum

The now world famous Creation Museum is about 15 minutes from Kagin Manor. I feel as though I have been placed in a missionary field to help save thinking people, and especially children, from this amazing attempt to return to the Dark Ages. You can learn about it here: http://creationmuseum.org/ It is run by an …

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Aug 10 2012

What is a Pickaxe?

“Some people make the distinction that a pickaxe has a head with a pointed end and a flat end, and a pick has both ends pointed, or only one end; but most people use the words to mean the same thing.” from Wikipedia article “pickaxe.”

Aug 05 2012

I Know as Much About God as the Pope Knows About God, Part III.

Before we travel any further down this rabbit hole, it should be expressly understood that I have no animosity whatsoever against any member of the Catholic Church (CC), wish them no harm, and indeed would defend their rights to believe as they wish against all attempts to repress them. If I had been around during …

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Aug 02 2012

I Know as Much about God as the Pope Knows about God, Part II.

The Pope knows, from the traditions of his church, and because the Son of God gave him power over everything on Earth, that he (never she), the Pope, is the god’s man on Earth. This is a central teaching of the church. The Pope, and his millions of minions, wishes to have our country run …

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