Monthly Archive: October 2008

Oct 23 2008

Evolution Wins Over Intelligent Design in Mock Trial in Kentucky

Evolution Wins Over Intelligent Design in Mock Trial in Kentucky! Last night, October 22, 2008, in Northern Kentucky, a rather remarkable thing happened. At Northern Kentucky University, within the shadow of the Creation Museum, in a mock trial, a jury of the entire audience overwhelmingly voted on the side of Evolution and against the teaching …

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Oct 22 2008

Mock Trial on Evolution

AMERICAN ATHEISTS MEDIA ALERT http://www.atheists.org KAGIN IN MOCK TRIAL WED. OCTOBER 22 NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY ~ “CREATION SCIENCE” v. EVOLUTION “Fundies” to pack event? First 200 will serve as “electronic jurors” Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, KY. will be the site of a unique “mock trial” this Wednesday, October 22, 2008 pitting defenders of …

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Oct 16 2008

Edwin Kagin with Atheist News

KENTUCKY ATHEISTS NEWS & NOTES Date: October 16, 2008 Kentucky Atheists, P.O. Box 666, Union, KY 41091; Email: [email protected] Phone: (859) 384-7000; Fax: (859) 384-7324; Web: http://www.atheists.org/ky/ Editor’s personal web site: www.edwinkagin.com Editor’s personal blog: http://edwinkagin.blogspot.com Edited by: Edwin Kagin, Kentucky State Director, American Atheists, Inc. (AMERICAN ATHEISTS is a nationwide movement that defends civil …

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