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Mar 30 2013

We did it!

Thanks to your signups, your retweets, your Facebooking, and your general awesomeness, the “Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious” Kiva group has hit 25,000 members! This means that our group will get $10,000 in loan matching from a big-money donor to Kiva, allowing us to do twice the amount of loaning to …

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Mar 27 2013

Kiva update: only a few days remain!

Hey all, You’ve definitely noticed me flogging the latest push to get people signed up to the “Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious” Kiva lending group. This group is the all-time #1 lender on Kiva, and is just shy of 25,000 members. I received an e-mail from Kiva.org saying that if we …

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Mar 22 2013

Never a better time to join up with Kiva

Hey all, Many of you will remember that, thanks to the traffic you’ve brought to this site, we’ve been able to fund a number of microloans through Kiva.org. Today I got an e-mail from Kiva, with an exciting announcement: A lending team you’re a member of, “Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious” …

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Jan 03 2013

Kiva Project Update: January 2013

Hey all, Beginning of the month means Kiva time. Given the total lack of commentary in December about my proposal to change the way these loans operate, I’ve gone ahead and allowed the $546.23 that this blog has loaned in the past year (that’s $716.23 in total revenue minus $170 donated to charity instead of …

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Dec 04 2012

Kiva project: December 2012

Hey everyone, seeing as it’s the beginning of the month, it’s time once again to reach into the Kiva fund and spread some love. Here’s where this month’s funds went:

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Nov 02 2012

Kiva project update: November 2012

Hey all, So we got paid this week. In light of the fact that there’s an urgent need for donations in the American Eastern Seaboard and the Caribbean (particularly Haiti), I was thinking of foregoing our usual Kiva donation this round and splitting the funds between those two Red Cross projects. Keep in mind that …

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Oct 01 2012

Kiva project update: August/September 2012

Hey cromrades, I was unforgivably (but somewhat characteristically) lazy this past period with handling the Kiva project. As a result, the donation to the Sioux expired before I got my act together to donate. Mea culpa. What I have done instead is donated $50 of your money to the Canadian Red Cross’ Aboriginal Outreach program, …

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Sep 04 2012

Kiva Project: Doing something different with our money

It’s the beginning of the month, which means I have a blog paycheque burning a hole in my online pocket. I thought, in light of this morning’s story, that it might be worthwhile to do something a little different this month: Pe’ Sla is an area in the Black Hills of South Dakota (just west …

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Jul 30 2012

Kiva Project Update: July 2012

It’s that time of the month again, Cromrades – where we sink our hard-earned money into Kiva loans! Here are this month’s recipients: Mary – Kenya Mary is age 36 and married with one child who is age 12 years and in school. Mary has been in farming for 14 years running and currently produces …

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Jul 03 2012

Kiva project update: July 2012

Hey Cromrades, I just sent out our 6th Kiva loan. Because of the speed of turnaround of many of the projects listed on the website, crowdsourcing the selection is very cumbersome. I’m sorry to preclude you from the discussion of which loans we select. I don’t see a way around this, but maybe you do. …

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