Merry Whatever

Hey folks, just want to let you know that I am currently celebrating Christmas in Toronto with my family, which means that my traditional blogging vacation is on. I will have new stories for you in the new year, including an account of my experience at an #IdleNoMore rally, a first-ever (for the blog) book review, an audio book review, in addition to the usual thoughts and news stories you’re used to.

Whatever you’re doing over the next few days, I hope you are able to find some joy and laughter in it. You’ll have me back to join you in the new year!

As a gift, here is a video of an otter that I shot myself at the Vancouver Aquarium:

Here’s another one:

And here’s a picture of what I looked like when I saw the otters for the first time:

A picture of me with a wide-ass grin, excited to see otters for the first time ever!


Merry whatever, everyone!

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  1. artistformerlyknownascheese says

    Otter face = best christmas present ever. It’s just crying out to be made into a meme.

    Also, had to change my name because since the changeover, if I try to log in as mynameischeese, wordpress calls me an imposter.

  2. John Morales says

    As a gift, here is a video of an otter that I shot myself at the Vancouver Aquarium:

    Poor otter!

    (no, that’s not it)

    Poor you!

    (… wait)

    Ah, right, you shot neither the otter nor yourself.


  3. janiceintoronto says

    What? You are in Toronto and you didn’t even call me???

    I’m crushed.

    Now I’ll have to fly to Vancouver to stalk you. You’re not making this easy…

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