Movie Friday: FAN MAIL!

Ohmygosh you guyse, I am just super excited. I was poking around in the dashboard of this site yesterday, and I noticed that I was getting a lot of hits from a Youtube video. Seeing as it is highly unusual for me to get referrals from Youtube, I clicked on through to see what was driving traffic to the site. Well wouldn’t you know, someone loves me and loves this blog enough to record a ten minute piece of fan mail! I’m so incredibly flattered. For someone to take ten whole minutes out of what I’m sure is a very busy schedule of hating the shit out of women to talk about little ol’ me? Gosh…

Let’s watch!

Well it’s the oddest piece of fan mail I’ve ever got. It doesn’t even seem like fan mail. It seems like he doesn’t like me! But that can’t be… I’m so loveable.

For those of you who didn’t/couldn’t watch all the way through, I will summarize IntegralMath’s* points:

  1. People (presumably women) make shit up about sexism and harassment at conferences, and FTB sucks
  2. People (presumably women) lie about sexism and harassment at conferences, and FTB sucks
  3. Qualitative analysis isn’t a thing (well he doesn’t say that, but I’m filling in the blanks because I appreciate his fandom)
  4. Just because people feel discriminated against doesn’t mean they’ve been discriminated against, and therefore the onus is on them to prove that they have, or STFU and come to conferences where they feel afraid anyway.
  5. Conferences are like roller coasters, because people FEEL afraid at both things, even though they’re both statistically quite safe. The purpose of going on a roller coaster is to feel afraid. And that’s like secular conferences because bitches lie about rape. (No word on what you’re supposed to do when nobody wants to come to your amusement park because they don’t like feeling afraid on roller coasters…)
  6. Assault is comparable, in terms of risk, to roller coaster accidents. (Left unsaid, of course, is that people don’t tell you that you were asking for it when a roller coaster breaks because you were leading the roller coaster on with your sluttitude)
  7. Getting raped, being in a car accident, and burning your hand with hot water are all factors that go into someone’s decision-making framework when they’re deciding whether or not to do something. Or maybe it’s that discrimination, feeling unwelcome, and feeling harmed are not things that people think about when deciding whether or not to do something.
  8. One of the following is perfectly okay (or at least so frivolous as to make its inclusion in the group superficial): discrimination, feeling unwelcome, feeling harmed. (No word on which one of these three IntegralMath feels is unimportant. My guess? The discrimination one)
  9. It’s plausible that a bunch of religious people answered the American Secular Census, and were so offended by people talking about religion that they reported it (rather than it being the case that the women who have been talking about harassment within the movement aren’t lying bitches). And this results in a gender disparity between men and women because… ?
  10. It’s plausible that the reason why people report feeling unwelcome is because they were told that they couldn’t have exactly what they wanted when they wanted it (rather than it being the case that people feel unwelcome for legitimate reasons).
  11. Preparing what you’re going to say before making a video is also stupid. (This is kind of a recurring theme)
  12. Jamie said that people should go around infecting people with HIV (no he didn’t, but this video is deliciously low-fact), and that makes PZ Myers a hypocrite because of Thunderf00t and John Loftus.
  13. FTB sucks.

I gotta tell you, if one paragraph from one post gets ten whole minutes of such buffoonish YouTube love from this guy, I can’t wait for him to dig into the blog’s archives so that he can dedicate his entire life to embarrassing himself on the internet like this for my amusement! Thanks IntegralMath! Let me know where I should send the signed 8″x10″ glossy photo!

A picture of me giving a 'thumbs up', holding a sign that says "I <3 IntegralMath"

I’m sure that this won’t be Photoshopped.

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*I am told that IntegralMath also goes by the name Justicar, and is not terribly popular among the people whose opinions I care about.