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May 20 2010

China jails 3 people for speaking out against rape

Good GOD I’m glad I don’t live in China: Fan Yanqiong, Wu Huaying and You Jingyou were found guilty of slander and harming state interests, in a trial which attracted protests outside court. They had posted videos online in which the woman said her daughter died after being raped by thugs linked to police. Does …

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May 19 2010

It’s a tough world out there, ladies

I mentioned this last week – as much as I make jokes at the expense of women, I do consider myself a feminist (insofar as I think all people should receive equal rights and equal protections under the law). I also see a great deal of parallel between women’s struggle for civil rights and the …

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May 18 2010

Re-Update: France and the niqab

Just in case anyone is interested in continuing to follow this story: French President Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered legislation that would ban women from wearing Islamic veils that fully cover the face and body in public places, the government said Wednesday. Belgium has recently gone down the same road. Of course, I’ve had my issues …

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May 17 2010

Racism: a definition

I recently got into a friendly debate with a friend of mine over my use of the word ‘racism’. She objected to my broad definition, and my labeling of rather innocuous and neutral events as ‘racist’, preferring to reserve that label for more overt, “classic” racism. I thought I’d use this platform to discuss my …

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May 15 2010

What you missed this week: May 10th-14th

If you didn’t catch it, this week I: Talked about the fallacy of colour blindness; Broke character to talk about politics; Shared some things that made me happy; Discussed my ideas on the increase in inter-racial relationships; and Showed you some awesome cartoons! You missed all of that! Make sure you don’t miss this week …

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May 14 2010

Movie Friday: Hurray for Cartoons!

I love cartoons. I always have. Even now that I am more grown up, I still get a thrill from watching shows like South Park, Clone High, The Simpsons, and others. Animation is a way of portraying the world without being fettered by reality. Then again, sometimes cartoons are so racist you wish they would …

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May 13 2010

Racial mixing on the rise

From time to time, the media turns a statistical finding into “news”. This article is one of those times. More than 340,000 children in Canada are growing up in mixed-race families, a new report from Statistics Canada reveals, and the number of mixed unions is growing much more quickly than that of other partnerships. I …

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May 12 2010

Things make me happy, y’know

I heard second-hand from one reader that this blog reads like a series of angry rants. Of course, this same reader has known me since high-school, so I’m not sure why that surprised her at all… but whatever. If I come across as angry, it’s because, well, sometimes I am angry. There are a lot …

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May 11 2010

I break character for a moment

This is not a political or law blog. There are enough of those out there, and I don’t consider myself informed enough to give a meaningful opinion on the law. However, this story made me upset: The federal government is moving once again to scotch the Criminal Code’s so-called faint hope clause, which allows killers …

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May 10 2010

Colour blindness – not a virtue

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the term “colour blindness” in a racial context. Basically, the philosophy is that it is virtuous to not see a person’s race, and to behave as though race plays no role in the formation of your opinions or actions. On the surface, this seems like an admirable …

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