Ireland marriage equality referendum video

Ireland is apparently going to have a referendum on marriage equality in 2015. Here is a promotion that has been created by the group LGBT Noise for an upcoming march in support of equality.


  1. M can help you with that. says

    Funkopolis @1 —

    We tried exactly the same approach in California. It didn’t work. Doctrinaire heterosexuals extend empathy only to fellow heterosexuals; this approach to attempting to change minds fails because the very thought of marriage stimulates their sense of moral superiority, not empathy.

  2. lorn says

    Rights are not granted without a demand, a threat, and some understanding of how this benefits the group making the decision.

    I think that last point is the most persuasive argument because, historically, few cases are won based entirely upon arguments of fairness and justice.

    I think a strong argument can be made that marriage equality frees up resources wasted on oppression, on the one side, and, and avoiding this oppression, on the other. That in fact, both sides suffer. Establish that fact in the public mind and then polish the argument with lashings of potential self-flattery for people agreeing and you win. people love doing things that benefit them, particularly when they can then turn round and polish their greed with the glow of self-righteousness.

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