Curveball admits lies

One of the key sources of false information that was fed to the US government about Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction program was from an Iraqi defector codenamed ‘Curveball’. He now proudly admits that he made it all up.

Of course, the reason he was believed uncritically was because he told the Bush-Cheney administration and its neoconservative warmongers exactly what they wanted to hear, and the government embellished his stories even further to sell that war to the public.


  1. left0ver1under says

    It sounds like “curveball” (screwball is more like it) is trying to claim, “How was I to know that the US would do these things?” Plenty of other people and media knew the claims were false in 2002 and kept their mouths shut for a while…until they had to backtrack and claim ignorance.

    Just look at the history of US “intervention”, from the Philippines up to Grenada. It has always been for the benefit of US corporations, never for the people of the country invaded.

    Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t the only “interventions” by Bush. Haitian president Jean-Bertande Aristide was democratically and popularly elected twice, and he was overthrown by US-backed coups twice, the second time in 2004. I guess the US didn’t trust the Iraqi military enough to incite them to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

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