Crazy eyes

I fully expect the Tea Party to go on the war path over this Newsweek cover photo of their icon.


When the same magazine published a cover photo of Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign that I thought was quite nice, I was taken aback at the protests that her wrinkles, pores, and facial hair had not been airbrushed away.

In the case of Michele Bachmann, not only do we see manic eyes, but also wrinkles, and who knows what else that I did not notice but I am sure will be highlighted by those who pay close attention to these things.


  1. says

    Actually, I think she’s a nice looking older woman. Too bad she’s batshit crazy. The only problem with having sex with her is that you’d pretty much have to be in the same room with her.

  2. Steve LaBonne says

    I think its spot on.

    I don’t. There are plenty of “kings of rage” in the Tea Party and I would expect them to be described as such by sane people. Gender privilege is very real, but giving dangerous lunatics like Bachmann a free pass is not an appropriate response to it.

  3. says

    I think that Bachmann has a case that this photo was deliberately selected to show her negatively. I have seen many photos of her and she looks oldest in this one, with all the lines on her face.

    Looking older is not necessarily bad if it conveys a sense of maturity and seriousness. But coupled with the wild eyes, she comes across as your crazy old aunt.

  4. Steve LaBonne says

    I have yet to see a photo in which her eyes don’t have that crazy look. Which is not surprising since she is, you know, crazy.

  5. says

    I think the guys who made ??out a magazine cover, just overdid it with the processing of photographs.
    Or is it done to attract more attention in order to increase the number of sales issues of the journal.

  6. P Smith says

    What I’ve noticed in all the talk about the picture is the misplaced “rage” of those who don’t like it.

    Some are seeking blood because the photo wasn’t photoshopped, and some are because of the title. Instead of barking about barking mad Bachmann, why aren’t these people raging about the photoshopping of other politicians? There shouldn’t be any photo editing, period.

    These people aren’t models, they’re supposed to be politicians making laws. Why should they be dressed up and “smoothed out” instead of telling the truth? I don’t see any difference between Newsweek’s airbrushed photos of McCain and others compared to airbrushed painting of communist dictators like Stalin, Kim father and son in North Korea or chairman Mao.


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