Turning on orange lights at their temple of ignorance didn’t help at all

I guess the creationist’s favored team lost yesterday. Awww.

I did hear that the half-time show was pretty good, though. Maybe God was mad because it wasn’t sacred music to the kinds of conservatives that favor creationism, although I gotta say, if I had a god, she’d be well pleased with Mary J Blige, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem.


  1. says

    I missed another one. Perfect record! My interest in football is less than zero, and I have discovered that I had as much exposure to the sport as I could ever have needed with two high school games in 1978. My college roommate invited me because he was the JV coach for one of the schools. I don’t remember who won.

  2. wzrd1 says

    The outrage machine went full bore over something Pepsi ad halftime show related. Something about sexual depravity and some other 1960’s based drivel.

  3. brucej says

    @2 Yes, claiming it was ‘sexual anarchy’ because when I envision ‘sexual anarchy’, Snoop Dog is the very first to come to mind :-)

    @4 Been binging on curling…it’s been exciting this year.

  4. Walter Solomon says

    Bruce @5

    when I envision ‘sexual anarchy’, Snoop Dog is the very first to come to mind

    He directed some porn films in collaboration with Larry Flynt and has a song called “Sexual Eruption” so it’s not too far off for a fundy.

  5. Akira MacKenzie says

    Yeah, Charlie Kirk is upset about… something. He doesn’t specify what. The other source of outrage is over the trailer for Amazon’s Lord of the Ring series, which the usual assholes are condemning as “woke” because they cast black actors. Apparently, this is, as the chuds claim, “Anglo-Saxon erasure.”