1. anchor says

    The artist forgot to depict the raptured having the flesh on their faces blistering and charring black. They would also wear the grimace of intense pain which their deity reserves for those damned to hell: it might be the last coherent thought they had while they were still conscious.

  2. weylguy says

    Is the picture saying that nice white folks destroyed the environment out of willful ignorance and the lust for short-term profit? No way! It was just God’s plan all along …

  3. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    Ironically, even back in the early ’80s, it wasn’t the sheer nutbaggery of James Watt’s comments that we had to use up the Earth’s resources before Jesus got back that got him fired. As I recall, it was his sideshow featuring a black, two jews and a cripple.

  4. chrislawson says

    If the endtimers limited themselves to wrecking America, I’d just be sad for the sane 45% of you. But they want to wreck everything.

    (I’m not saying 55% of Americans are endtimers, but they will vote for endtimers if they think it will get them a $10 tax break when they become billionaires.)

  5. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    (I’m not saying 55% of Americans are endtimers, but they will vote for endtimers if they think it will get them a $10 tax break when they become billionaires.)

    More than 55% of Americans won’t vote period, as I understand it.

  6. birgerjohansson says

    Mockery is the best tool for dealing with zealots. Hence the plot of The Name of the Rose.
    Good starting points; the two bears that kill 42 teenage boys near Bethel.
    Or the part in hadith where Muhammed says Moses put his clothes on a rock when he would wash himself, and the rock moved away, leaving him naked.

  7. Oggie. My Favourite Colour is MediOchre says

    The coming rapture also means we can ignore not just environmental degradation, but education (most are going to go to hell real soon, so why pay to educate them), unions (why do people want more money or healthcare when they are going to hell real soon), social justice (who cares if people are hurt or killed or disenfranchised or paid less or beaten, most of them are going to hell real soon), insurance (your only real insurance is rapture and everyone else is toast anyway), child abuse (love of god needs to be beaten into the kids and if it doesn’t take, well, they are going to hell real soon), honesty (those who will be raptured are forgiven anything, those who aren’t? who cares), effective government, fair taxes, safe cars, businesses respecting the law, preserving history, libraries, etc. Once you know that you are one of the elect who shall be raptured to gods, why worry about everyone and everything in this corrupt material world?

    Every generation of Christians since late in the 1st century have expected the return of the Christ during their lifetime. And they’ve all been wrong.

    Sounds kinda like one of the good working definitions of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

  8. rwgate says

    In Revelatiion 7 only 44,000 Jewish male virgins would be raptured. Just to make sure that you understood the requirements, they were repeated twice. Sorry, rapture desiring Christians, all the tickets are taken and the bus is full, and you’re not invited. Of course, I could be wrong about there actually being 44,000 male Jewish virgins, so maybe there are some no-shows and you still have a chance.

  9. kenbakermn says

    The Rapture can’t come soon enough for me. When all those self-righteous fuckwitted obstacles are taken up to be with their sky ghost, the rest of us can get busy and start fixing things down here.