1. johnwoodford says

    Melania Trump: “As James Corden said to me when we were doing Carpool Karoake….”

  2. robertmatthews says

    It’s actually really far from my favourite Carpool Karaoke: the editing is terrible, the songs go on too long, and we don’t get nearly enough back-and-forth between Corden and Obama (as we do in, say the Adele or Chris Martin episodes). But goddamn that woman is a national treasure. She’s like some kind of ideal human being.

  3. says

    Awesome. And an excellent point was made about education for girls. I hope Michelle Obama stays in the spotlight, somewhat, after they leave the White House. She justifies the use of the word “Inspiring.”

  4. robro says

    Can Michelle run for president someday? We desperately need someone that real.

  5. says

    #3, Adele is a professional singer and performer. Michelle Obama is not. Also, there may have been restrictions placed on editing due to the location and due to Obama’s emphasis on education for girls.

  6. bargearse says

    The vitriol that gets directed at Michelle Obama will forever bewilder me. I adore that woman.

  7. says

    Robro @ 6:

    Can Michelle run for president someday? We desperately need someone that real.

    The only regret I would have in Michelle for President would be that I couldn’t vote for her 20 times.

  8. says

    The more I see of Michelle, the more I’m impressed by her. She’s beautiful, articulate, and still down to earth. It’s a shame she hasn’t had more prominence in the media (though I’m not surprised, given the unhinged vitriol that republicans like to direct at her).

    After 8 years of Hillary, I hope we get 8 of Michelle.

  9. Akira MacKenzie says

    “Cheering up” has always been a problem for me. Part of it is my chronic depresion. Part of it is my lousy childhood. Part of it it remember all the other times in my life I have been dissapointed before, especially when everything seemed to be going right in my life. All of these contribute to a general feeling of uncertainty and pessimism that no amount of cute cat videos or frolicking First Ladies can shake.

    This political season in particular has me very worried, Despite the GOPs best efforts to make utter fools of themselves, a large portion of the American people seem content to aid and abide the RIght’s stupidity. I fear that The Donald will be able to pull off a victory. What happens after that will no doubt mean the end of many things that were once good and beautiful.

    I think I’m looking at the end of my country.

  10. Cuttlefish says

    As luck would have it, I started watching this just as Trump’s daughter was finishing up her introduction. The (muted) TV still shows Donald shouting, so I might just have to watch it all over again.

  11. PDX_Greg says

    I guess I’m wound too tight right now. This just makes me hate all her vile, disgusting, sick, racist, misogynist critics even more. Must be that NPR was live covering the sad twisted sicko trumpism convention (why?) and I was foolish enough to listen to some of it on my way home. Will come back and enjoy it when I am in a better mood — it’s too good to waste on bad sentiments.

  12. What a Maroon, living up to the 'nym says

    Michelle Obama is too good for the presidency.

    Seriously, I’d love to vote for her, but I get the impression that she’s had enough of this shit and she wants to get on with life.

  13. rietpluim says

    Okay, back with both feet on the earth. Michelle Obama is a nice person, I agree; but if she would become president, is there a reason to believe she would do better than her husband did?

  14. dianne says

    I just want to say that the recent comments section has “cheer up” alternating with “marked for death” and it’s a little surreal.

  15. says


    Right America is at the “Don’t make it worse. Please don’t. Please!” stage of it’s history. The best you can hope for the next two or three decades in a president is, “Well, at least they weren’t Republican”