“Tom Johnson” aka Wally Smith … exposed

He’s been back. The sock puppeteer who made up lies about the Gnu Atheists and spread them through a collection of false identities on the internet has been at his old tricks again — the long tawdry story is not something I’m going to go over again, though. Since he has been conjuring up sock puppets again, despite the public embarrassment of being caught red-handed in the past, and despite private rebuke from his faculty superiors, Ophelia Benson has spilled the beans on the lying puke, Wally Smith. You can now read some of the writings he has published under his own name and see exactly where his original account of abusive atheists came from. They don’t correspond very well.

I don’t think I’ll be trusting Wally Smith’s professional work any more than I do his internet skullduggery.