Atheists gathering in Montreal

These conventions are popping up all over the place. Every time I mention one, I know there’ll be a bunch of people complaining that it is too far or too expensive, but the hope is that one will be in your region and in your price range. This one is in Montreal on 1-3 October.

One huge relief: the Richard Dawkins award this year is going to Susan Jacoby, a wonderful choice. There will be no controversy at all this time, and it’s well-deserved: if you haven’t read Freethinkers yet, you should.

Although…they couldn’t resist. It’s like a red cape to a bull. They just had to put a poll on their site.

Are you excited about going to Montreal?

Yes 100%
No 0%

Can’t make it 0%

Since the majority of the people in the world cannot possibly go to this event, all you have to do is answer honestly and they’ll have to pull the poll as not quite good PR.

By the way, I wonder if a certain Nostradamus-lovin’ kook will attend? Having a psycho yelling “YOU ARE FINISHED!” to signal the end of each talk might be useful, although the constant setting of goats on fire might be disruptive.