Nice sign

Now the godless Australians are getting into the atheist bus sign business, and I must say, this is my favorite ad of the bunch so far, since it’s got the nice sciencey touches to it. And it’s a fine bunch of happy atheists promoting it, too.



  1. MarkusH says

    I like the red cooking shirt. The actual sign is very cool too, with a positive message and nice graphic touch.

  2. JD says

    And to the lady with the red shirt: How would we know whether to cook on a gas or charcoal grill if it wasn’t for god’s objective grilling guidance?

  3. vanharris says

    It’s too bad that there’s only one woman in the group.

    I wonder how representative that is of the situation in Oz?

  4. daveau says


    Do we know any of those people?

    Row 1, L-R: Richard Dawkins, George Carlin; PZ Myers

    Row 2, L-R: Jerry Coyne, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Julia Sweeney

  5. kennykjc24 says

    Hey, does anyone know if this is availible as a bumper sticker? This is the only atheist one I’ve been tempted to put on my car.

  6. MolBio says

    We’re alright here, religion is on the decline. Unfortunately some of my generation are becoming evangelicals. A few people I knew in biological sciences were YECs. I only started postgrad. Partially scares me.

  7. Rorschach says

    Do we know any of those people?

    Nope !

    “Atheism–Celebrate Reason”

    If only one would follow from the other by default !!

  8. ashridah says

    Heh, I’m generally surprised that someone hasn’t mentioned the giant storm Melbourne just got. Can’t wait for some religious nutjob back in my hometown to link the two :P

  9. katsushirohirata says

    Any idea when they’ll decide to do a campaign in the Southern US? They seem to be ignoring the ‘bible belt’.

  10. Lynna, OM says

    What a lovely bus sign! And what an appealing group of people with which to barbecue babies. Strange, though, that one doesn’t see a single cloven hoof nor horn amongst them.

  11. jenbphillips says

    that’s what photoshop is for! (the woman in the BBQjesusfish t-shirt is just asking for it!)

  12. blf says

    How would we know whether to cook on a gas or charcoal grill if it wasn’t for god’s objective grilling guidance?


  13. SaintStephen says

    Phew. That’s one piece of rotten fish on her barbie.

    It might have been better off served in a nondescript, blandish chowder, with large grains of salt added to hide the true flavor.

    Hang on…

  14. llewelly says

    Lynna, OM | March 6, 2010 12:21 PM:

    Strange, though, that one doesn’t see a single cloven hoof nor horn amongst them.

    Notice the photographer was careful to keep their feet out of the frame.

  15. blf says

    Those smiles make me think they’ve just spotted a fresh baby and as soon as this photoshot is done, will tear off down the street, possibly tearing off their clothing, grab the baby, and devour it raw.

  16. tbfoster says

    Yay, If I’m not mistaken I actually semi-know one of them, the guy with the blond mop on his head is Jason Ball, the creator and president of the University of Melbourne Secular Society! I should probably recognise some of the others but I’ve only been in town a short while. I have been trying to find these buses!

    Some of us will be attending a very special student-only lunch with the PZ of Myers himself during the con :) I can’t wait (mostly because tickets are sold out for the con and I only just got a job…)

  17. Kliwon says

    (the woman in the BBQjesusfish t-shirt is just asking for it!)

    In Australia, you are safe wearing T-shirts like that. We are to apathetic to care enough about this sort of thing to do anything about it. Our chuch attendance rate is 10% of the population.

    Wish I knew which busline. I want get my own picture while they are still running the campaign.

  18. tbfoster says

    10% too many Kliwon! I agree in part, but I get the sense there are a lot more community-religions here, e.g. people belonging to a religion because that’s the community they grew up in more then anything else. So we just have to make sure one of our main efforts continues to be showing that secular communities are just as viable a source of support and connectivity as religious ones!

    I should also mention that the special student-only lunch with PZ next weekend is for university students only, but it doesn’t specify which university! Rego up!

  19. SaintStephen says

    Can anybody (Down Under or otherwise) provide a link for purchasing a T-Shirt like that?

    My credit card is quivering with anticipation…

  20. speedweasel says

    Wish I knew which busline. I want get my own picture while they are still running the campaign.

    These advertisements mainly seem to be on the 200 & 300 line buses that run from the CBD (Lonsdale Street) down the Eastern Freeway to Doncaster and Templestowe.

    I catch a Templestowe bus every morning and every morning I smile at these ads.

  21. FossilFishy says

    I’m a Canadian ex-pat now living in rural Victoria. The tiny town I live in has a large population of Catholics. I would not be comfortable wearing any of those shirts. I had one woman tell me I was stupid for opening my shop on Sundays. I suspect that it’s the same here as it was back in Canada with the major population centers being more secular than the rural regions.

    I also wonder about that 10% church attendance figure. My experience has been that Auzzies are reluctant to talk about their religiosity. If the study subjects were self selecting then that number is going to be made up people who are unusually open about it. Could be that the number is even lower for the general population. Here’s hoping.

    I’m not attending the convention unfortunately, but if any of you godless hoard is planning to do a bit of traveling feel free to stop by. My wife, 2 year old daughter and I live in a big old farm house with plenty of beds to spare. We own a bike store and would be happy to loan bikes to anyone who wants to toodle along the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. The shop is in Myrtleford BTW. Feel free to contact me: info at myrtlefordcycle dot com.

    Oh, and we live 100 meters from the local pub where they have Guinness on tap, if that makes a difference to you hedonists.

  22. James Bresnahan says

    Excellent to see the bus campaign rolling around Melbourne, and just in time for the convention.

  23. Janine, Mistress Of Foul Mouth Abuse, OM says

    Frodon, did you catch the header of this blog?

    Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal.

    Have any complaints about the existence of this blog?

    As for the sausage fest crack, did you look at the picture?

  24. Davo says

    @FossilFishy I’m just down the road in Wangaratta ;)

    Know of another atheist business person in Yarrawonga, also having a hard time with the religious locals, your not alone.

    I’ll pop in sometime if I get a chance and say gudday, I emailed ya so you have my contact :)

  25. davemcrae999 says

    Great stuff – it looks as if they’ve got past the ban by the advertisement company (monopoly) on the mainland

    (just checked the AFA site – only Melbourne – the other capitals are still being obstuctionist. They had to take the Tasmanian ad agency to court to get them shown in that state.

  26. FossilFishy says

    Thanks for that Davo. Please do drop by, the nice thing about being king o’ the business is that I can always take time to chat.

    Are you going to the convention?

  27. Kliwon says

    I also wonder about that 10% church attendance figure.

    Qouted from ‘The Religious Write’ blog on ‘The Age’. The theists like to qoute figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I didn’t bother to check myself.

    Jason, thanks. I will go there to order one.

    speedweasel, thanks. I will zap over to that part of town to see if I can get a pick. It’s a bit of a trip, but it’s worth the effort.

  28. scarygirl says

    Oh my golly oh my golly oh my golly.
    I so can’t wait to see one of these signs.

  29. chuckbert says

    No mention in the article or on here about the attempt to do this in Adelaide (IIRC?) last year at the time of the London ads. The advertising company refused to take them. Turns out my neighbour’s brother works for that ad. co. (in Perth) and I gave him a hard time about refusing the ads. He just shrugged and said that it was a business no-brainer. Agreeing that it was a ‘no-brainer’ was about as far as I could go …

  30. Nemo says

    Row 1, L-R: Richard Dawkins, George Carlin; PZ Myers

    Row 2, L-R: Jerry Coyne, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Julia Sweeney

    LOL. But surely that’s Lewis Black, Hemant Mehta and Phil Plait in the back row. I just don’t get why Jay Leno is with them.

  31. Naon Tiotami says

    Who’s that fiendishly attractive blonde man in the center of that image? Why, it’s Jason Ball! I never! ;)

    You’d best all come and say hi to him if you’re coming to the convention – he nearly organised the whole thing himself. Many pats on the back are what he deserves, as well as a beer or two, I think.

  32. Atheist Chaplain says

    Well much as I would love to see those signs in person, circumstances beyond my control will forbid me that this coming weekend. Anyone want a ticket to the conference and the Saturday night dinner ?

  33. DaveWTC says

    @#1 Yeah, great shirt and you just know the response from the creationists will be the same shirt where the fish has feet. They are so innovative and, er, well, creative.

  34. tbfoster says

    @ scooterKPFT

    Jason (blondie) posted this link for the bbq fish tshirt and others earlier: Enjoy!

    It’s very tempting Atheist Chaplain! I think they’d still be out of my price range though (and it’s probably too late to change the dinner ticket to my diet anyways). If only I knew someone rich who was willing to fork over the dosh…

  35. thehuntbox says

    Great. Another atheist sausage fest.

    But who will be on the top, down under.

  36. Mariano says

    Nice sign indeed but what is the message?

    They pretend to celebrate reason while the atheists whom they booked for the conference, such as Dawkins and Myers himself, adbsond from the debates to which they have been challenged whilst traveling down under in order to pretend to be the utmost in erudition.

  37. PZ Myers says

    Speaking of pretending to erudition…that’s a fine piece of pomposity with an ugly bit of uninterpretable gristle in the middle.

    We have decided we’d rather not debate morons, which I think is the wise course. Unfortunately, no non-morons have challenged us.