1. JoJo says

    Methinks it were too overly wroughte. Verily, ye scribner doth stretch his idyom farther than he might. But, merrily, thwas a pretty pyece.

  2. says

    Thank you for the plug, PZ! You’re our most steadfast champion. Or is that haughtiest? I get the two confused… ;-)

    Isn’t Blake just teh awesome?

  3. karen marie says

    i know how much pharyngulists love polls — please go vote in this one over at the fox news site:

    the “question of the day” is: Did John McCain make the right choice of naming Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin his vice presidential running mate?

    now, of course, those who view palin as completely sinking any chance mccain has and those who think she’s actually a great idea may all be voting “yes,” so the larger percentage of votes registered for that choice may not reflect the truth that more people think it’s a stunningly bad move for the country, but it’s still disturbing.

  4. Bride of Shrek OM says

    Ah Olde English

    Reminds me of that episode of Family Guy were he opens the pub and calls it “Ye Olde Pube”.

  5. Nerd of Redhead says

    Here I was thanking the FSM for the Redhead not inflicting the local Renaissance Faire upon me this year. Then Blake Stacey channels old English. Aughhh….
    Loved the comedy though.

  6. says

    Please. Old English is Anglo-Saxon, fifth to twelfth century CE. Even the First Folio of Shakespeare didn’t include the letters thorn, edh, yodh and wynn.

    So there. (-:

  7. Wayne Robinson says

    I tried to crash the poll on whether McCain made the wrong choice of running mate, but it seems to have closed. 72% apparently think he made the right choice (they don’t include numbers responding), but then again it is When I first heard about Palin I thought they were talking about Michael Palin, which I thought would have been a refreshing change to American politics. At least her husband Todd is famous on his own, and they do have an interesting taste in children’s names; Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig

  8. says

    I’m an elitist actor, myself, and I loved that. Of course, to a trained eye, it was obvious that it was really written by Christopher Marlowe, not this Drake fellow.
    The dialogue drove home the fact that PZ is truly an elitist who may or may not know who his father was. Which is exactly why Gawd had to regretfully deny him the Golden Primate Award today on my blog. Perhaps with more humility, sucking up and double-tithing Gawd might change His mind.

  9. Nerd of Redhead says

    I keep forgetting how fast languages evolve compared to other factors of the human species. I certainly won’t argue history of the English language with UK citizens, or who wrote what play with an actor. My elitism is in another speciality. My apologies for my errors. Still, it was a fun read on a long weekend, which was all I was trying to say.

  10. says

    I never thought of my self as a someone who mocks and rips and shreds, I think I can grow into that :-)
    I have to applaud the mastery of this Carnival and I’m glad my Captaincy if still a few months away, following Blakes effort is going to take some doing.
    To Blake Stacy, I doff my hat in respect to a job well done.