1. says

    we all know collins is a godlover in secular’s clothing, so don’t sweat being harsh on him. For all he’s done to promote the “happy marriage” of religion and science, he deserves a few more public knocks.

  2. bernarda says

    Wow, now it’s “the legendary PZ Myers”.

    OT, but you and your colleagues may have encounters with foreign students. Here is an orientation for them from the Columbia Business School on Culture Shock.

  3. g2 says

    Re: #2, the Columbia foreign student piece is really great. Loved both parts.

  4. Oldfart says

    That was a great series on Culture Shock. While I have never been able to figure out what a quid is, it never occurred to me that American coin might be difficult to figure out for foreigners because it has no numbers on it. I never noticed!

  5. Oldfart says

    However, I belatedly notice that a nickel does have “Five Cents” inscribed on it in text, the penny says “One Cent”, the dime only says “One Dime” and the quarter says “Quarter Dollar”. However you have to be able to read English to understand that and “One Dime” is hardly a numerical value. “Quarter Dollar” only makes sense if you know that a Dollar is One Hundred Cents…….and so forth.