A Tangled Bank is hurtling towards us!

The Tangled Bank

Quickety-quick! The next Tangled Bank is going to be at the Beagle Project on Wednesday — so get those links in to me or host@tangledbank.net real soon now.

Now I’ve got a full afternoon, with an imminent role as a pie-throwing target, followed by my revenge on my students with my first final of finals week.


  1. Colugo says

    Susan Mazur strikes again, this time with an interview of Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini:


    Suzan Mazur: “Would you comment on Stuart Pivar’s animations of body parts?”

    Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini: “Very interesting, though his idea that the torus is the mother of all forms is not persuasive. There must be a dozen of such mothers, not just one.”

    Piattelli-Palmarini: “[I]nsects had evolved at least ten elaborate forms of mouthpieces, uniquely adapted (one would say) to their feeding upon flowers, one hundred million years before there were any flowers on Earth.”

    Piattelli-Palmarini: “when Sherman stresses that the sea urchin has, in-expressed, the genes for the eyes and for antibodies (genes that are well known and fully active in later species), how can we not agree with him that canonical neo-Darwinism cannot begin to explain such facts?”

  2. Eximious Jones says

    Ooo, pie! I hope photographic evidence of the event will be forthcoming.

  3. brokenSoldier says

    You do not want whipped cream going rancid in your sinuses.

    Posted by: Brownian, OM | May 12, 2008 2:54 PM

    And as a fellow bearded man, make sure you don’t miss any of the pie left in your flavor-saver, either…

  4. Hans says

    From the link @ #2 (italics mine):

    Snow fell over Manhattan that day, an uncanny reminder that Darwin had no theory for how snowflakes form or for humans either.

    …and right there, in those eight little words, you know that you’ve gone through the looking glass.

  5. Patricia C. says

    Aren’t all the Elitist Bastards already here? I liked Profanity Faire, sounds like Beltane on PZ’s blog. *smirk*

  6. G. Tingey says

    “TAngled Bank” bothers me.


    Because the logo is ANYTHING BUT a “tangled bank”!
    It’s abloody monoculture of some sort of H Hedera as far as I can see.

    A REAL Tangled bank would have lots of DIFFERENT plant species visible.
    I contributed a photo of one such, several issues ago, and would gladly let it be used again, if we can get rid of said boring monoculture …..