1. afarensis says

    Rats! I just voted for Aetiology in that category…perhaps we can nominate him for most abusive of a Panda (the way he treats porr Prof Steve Steve should be a crime). I can relate, though because no one has voted for me either…

  2. says

    Yeah, that’s a rough category — it’s like there are about as many nominees as there will be voters. It’s one where we should have more than one vote.

  3. says

    If I hadn’t up and voted for myself in that category, I’d do it in a flash (for that profile pic alone).

    Actually, PZ, since GrrlScience isn’t eligible for Best New Blog, you could reassign your vote in that category …
    (Or, was it one of those principled/throwing-your-vote-away kinda moves of which we on the left are so fond?)

  4. says

    I’m confused–isn’t John’s blog older than Jan 1, 2005? His archives date back to 2004–were they imported from somewhere else?