New Rammstein music video

There is a new Rammstein music video out

Content warning: violence, religious imagery

Usually I have some understanding of the underlying messages of Rammstein videos, but in this case, I am at a loss.


  1. lanir says

    I’m kind of leaning towards a class struggle thing? If that’s it, religion is placed kind of weirdly though. Churches exploit the poor for their own benefit, they don’t side with them against oligarchs.

  2. klatu says

    Jesus fucking christ. Nine minutes? Ugh.

    This music video looks like a video game trailer. There’s even mindless shooty violence. Okay, is there a point? Because musically, this is not interesting.

    “Du hast viel geweint.” You have cried a lot.

    Bla, bla, bla.

    “Nur der Tod währt alle Zeit.” Only death lasts for all time.

    “Sogar die Sonne wird verglüh’n” Even the sun will burn out.

    “Die Zeit mit dir war schön.” The time with you was nice.

    Chorus: “Deutschland!” Poignant.

    Bla, bla, bla.

    “Adieu, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehn. Den letzen Weg must du alleine geh’n.” Goodbye, The last road you must walk alone.

    Chorus: “Deutschland!” Well, okay, shut up.

    Oh well, another shitty Rammstein poetry-slam. I feel like this band is only good when graded on a scale. In comparison to other bands serving this kind of hyper stoic, hyper masculine, hyper unironical germanism… I guess they’re fine. Considering that almost ALL other bands like this are literally nazi bands. I also feel like Rammstein are intentionally serving this particular space. Which is either smart, cynical, or opportunistic or reprehensible, depending on your viewpoint.

    It’s like bad Mongolian throat singing? Tourists will praise it because it’s throat singing, but actual Mongolians will roll their eyes.

    Like, if you actually can’t understand the lyrics and you’re a dumbass neo-fascist, this is the kind of band whose songs you play at an “anti-replacement” rally.
    But if you DO understand the lyrics, you’re bored because they’re boring. Rammstein never once had anything interesting to say.

    Just my own shitty opinion. No shame if you actually like this soulless fascimile of actual music.

    However… semi-modern, slightly clumsy, slightly political German music

    does 👏

    not 👏

    have 👏

    to 👏

    be 👏

    slow and boring 👏