Anyone but Harper

If you’re planning on voting strategically (i.e., vote for the non-Conservative candidate to make sure you don’t split the vote and usher in a Conservative candidate), then check out this resource.

Type in your postal code, and it gives you an idea of who has a chance to beat the Conservative candidate in your riding.

Remember, if you live in a riding where there’s no way a Conservative can lose, then vote your conscience. If it’s going to be competitive, then bite the bullet and realize that ANYONE is better than Stephen Harper.

h/t to Jen!

N.B. If this doesn’t work for you, try logging into Facebook first. If you don’t have Facebook, then I’m not sure if it will work for you.

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  1. says

    Sir, I am *always* logged in to facebook. Actually my primary browser doesn’t even work if I’m not.

    Still no dice though : I’ll try tomorrow on some other browser perhaps. Haven’t run into any widget and/or application trouble before, though, hrm.

  2. grassrute says

    I’m actually voting strategically myself. I’m voting Conservative because I know they’re the only party that can defeat the Liberals, NDP and Bloc.

  3. says

    I got it working. The problem must be Chromium (but it works fine in Chrome). I[ run RocketMelt at home (a product of Netscape) which integrates the Chromium-sourced browser with facebook integration, that’s why I use it.]

    I loaded it in Chrome here at work though and I’m seeing it. I’ll have to download Chrome at home to see if it isn’t my computer just being a wanker (always a possibility).

  4. CHADMAC says

    Works for me – running Firefox.

    It basically confirmed what I was thinking…. Though it got the name of the NDP candidate in Burnaby-Douglas wrong.

  5. Tyler says

    I’m actually having trouble with this on firefox. Does anyone know about widgets here? It says it is using flash player or something but is there another program I might need to operate this properly? I’ve never used a widget before.

    Disappointing, I liked the website in 08 even though it failed.

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