1. kyoseki says

    If you cut the audio and switch the color to a green monochrome, you have the makings of pretty much every episode of Ghost Hunters.

  2. Rob Grigjanis says

    I’ve heard you should carry noise-makers, like bells and whistles, to let bears know you’re there. And you can tell grizzlies are around if you find poop with bells and whistles in it.

  3. F [is for fluvial] says

    CRANSTON – Witnesses describe the defensive reactions of some people to the idea of “separation of church and state”.

  4. oldymoldy says

    well, it is mildly entertaining. looks like she’d make a fine kindergarten teacher.

  5. sailor1031 says

    The bear-alarmist media notwithstanding, humans are not on a black bear’s list of things that are good to eat. Waving your arms won’t “let the bear know you’re human” – s/he’ll know by your smell (their sight isn’t all that great) – but it could frighten the bear and then you don’t quite know what it would do; it might run away, it might back off or it might charge at you…….oh and don’t climb a tree:!

    And if it’s a grizzly or a kodiak all bets are off and you better leave as quietly as possible. If it’s a polar bear you’re ass in big trouble – they do hunt humans sometimes.

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