Hey, gang! I’m at Convergence! #cvg2017

I’m checked into the Doubletree in Bloomington for Convergence, and have a busy day ahead of me. In a quirk of scheduling, almost all of my panels are today: 5 of them, one after the other, that will completely tie me up all afternoon and early evening. Which leaves me with just one panel on Friday and one on Sunday, so after this I’ll have a light weekend and can enjoy just being here. Anyway, today I’m discussing invasive species, religion in the future, the cosmic perspective (all the things that make us inconsequential in the universe), apocalyptic plagues, and the state of science. Hmm. None of that is very cheerful or optimistic. Looking over my notes for the panels, I’m not bringing much levity, either. I’ll have to hit up some parties tonight.


  1. blf says

    that will completely tie me up all afternoon and early evening

    Did the Marquis agree to such a short party?

  2. mykroft says

    Would religions in the future be considered invasive species or apocalyptic plagues?

  3. mountainbob says

    Ha! Sounds like a great weekend in Bloomington. Often talk of invasive species when in my zoo volunteer role (worst one is homo sap… worst one in North America arrived in the early 16th Century, but I can’t say that to grade-schoolers).