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Just a warning: if you only visit the sites that I describe with the word “sex”, all future editions of Around FtB will have to have the subjects of all the blogs twisted to be sexual. Don’t make me have to do that.

  • So, Stephen, is your message that conservatives aren’t as negative about oral sex as we thought?

  • I think Digital Cuttlefish’s brain hates his brain.

  • I’m as reflexively monogamous as a prairie vole, so Greta Christina sounds like an alien to me.

  • I also have a vanilla brain with no known diagnosable illnesses, so Stephanie scares me with stories of what can go wrong.

  • Ophelia missed Ben Goldacre’s visit to Seattle! I missed him too because he just flew over the middle of the continent and ignored us (Ben’s schedule: he’s in New York next).

  • We had a blizzard last night. Dana is spotting flowers. Maybe Goldacre made the right decision to avoid the middle of the country.

  • Theology schools are pestering Kazim with questionnaires. The godly move in mysterious ways.

  • The Canadians, like Crommunist, seem to be a teensy bit unhappy with their prime minister.

  • Beheaded for blogging while godless? Maryam is outraged; so is Taslima. The defenders of Islam have descended on Taslima’s comment section as well, neatly demonstrating that her accusation of fucked-upedness is precisely correct.

  • In happier news, Sikivu is interviewing activist teachers in South L.A. Making a difference!

  • February 24th is a Day of Solidarity for Black Nonbelievers. Richard writes in praise of Frederick Douglass.

  • For a change, Brianne finds that the anti-choice fanatics took a day off.

  • Bigfoot Aron speaks in Dallas.

  • It’s Minchin’s Pope song on ukelele, sung by Ashley!

  • Miri wants you to know that negotiating for sex doesn’t have to be sexy. But I try to make everything I do sexy!


  1. Janine: Hallucinating Liar says

    I was also going to make the observation that the Slymies would appreciate the use of gendered insults against Taslima.

    I would also love a meeting between “Dark Knight” and “Pitch Guest”.

  2. glodson says

    The comments that Taslima got.. those were just vile. It was sickening to read. Even the tamer ones were oddly disjointed tone trolling. The article is about a man hacked to death, and the image was visceral and raw, just the kind of attention the story needed, and people complained about the use of the word fucked in the title.

    Those were the comments that weren’t threats and other vile hatred directed in the need to protect their stupid and evil fucking religion.

  3. Janine: Hallucinating Liar says

    My comment at Taslima Nasreen’s blog is, at this moment, is awaiting moderation. Which means that she could have stopped the comments by Dark Knight, Bobby Roy and the others called her a diseased whore any time she wants to. I am assuming that she is allowing this in order to show the ugliness of misogyny mixed in with patriotism and religious bigotry.

    It is an ugly thing. But it is supposed to be ugly.

  4. says

    May I suggest a warning in the paragraph linking to Taslima & Maryam? Even though I knew the article was about beheading, it was a bit of a shock to see the photograph right there at the top…. (I know Taslima has the warning in her post title, but that isn’t reflected in your links).

    (FWIW, I think the “Around FTB” posts are among my favorite of your regular posts… I don’t circulate around the network often enough, and as a result I miss a lot of these great articles. Thanks for keeping them from flying totally under the radar!)

  5. omnicrom says

    Yeah, those comments are absolutely vile. There’s also a truly distressing lack of awareness, the gaggle of complete assholes there prove beyond a doubt how fucked up they are and how completely correct Talisma is.

  6. glodson says

    Thank you so much for your support. Yes, Janine, I allowed the comments to ‘show the ugliness of misogyny mixed in with patriotism and religious bigotry.’

    It says much about those who oppose you that letting them speak for themselves makes your case.

  7. cristopherallen says

    I’d like to interject (disable lurker mode) to say: Thanks for these ‘around’ posts, PZ!