1. EndUnknown says

    9am? drat. I’ll be in church(being an atheist, I go for the people, as they are my only social interaction these days. also, my buddy rob is the only reason im not failing my c++ class)

  2. Robin says

    Oh, great…now I have to be an ADVANCED atheist?

    Seriously, though…David Eller’s two books, NATURAL ATHIESM and ATHEISM ADVANCED are really terrific. I actually preferred them to the Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens books.

  3. JohnnieCanuck says

    @#2 Wow, I refrain from going to her church with my wife, though I know quite a few people there.

    I just don’t trust myself to nod my head and ignore all the well meaning prompts to become one with their flock. MYOB is not their motto, being Baptists.

  4. EndUnknown says

    @4 when they get in my face, i just have a theological discussion with them. they either huff off in rage, or scratching their head confused(save one 15 year old, he actually presents a fun challenge at times. although it does annoy me when he uses the bible as evidence)

  5. says

    Yet it says April 19th on their web page. Their error, I presume?

    No, you took a very long nap, Johnnie.

    It’s been fixed and the perpetrator of the egregious error has been docked one day’s pay.

  6. says

    Today in The Grauniad (actually, being Sunday, this would be The Observer), Barack Obama brings truce in culture war:

    Republicans are discovering that ‘god, guns and gays’ no longer fire up voters worried about keeping their homes and jobs

    For decades, the “three Gs” have been a defining feature of the American political landscape. Guns, God and gays have been reliable hot-button issues constantly used to fire up Republicans and lambast Democrats.

    But there are signs of a fundamental shift away from the so-called “culture wars” that have raged across American public life since at least the 1970s. …

    The president has taken a stand against anti-abortion rules in clinics and legalised funding for stem cell research. He has praised Islam and Iran on his recent overseas trip and held a Passover ceremony in the White House. Meanwhile, a series of states, including Iowa, deep in the American heartland, have legalised gay marriage and more are expected to follow suit.

    Yet, for all the sound and fury this has prompted on the extreme right, Obama remains a popular president. That has led some to wonder if the culture wars are finally losing some of their power. “People are tired of this. A lot of them are thinking: let’s move on,” said Professor Shaun Bowler, a political scientist at the University of California, Riverside.

    There other things going on, too, beyond the simple fact of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Many believe there is a generational shift going on in America, as young voters come of age having grown up more tolerant of issues such as homosexuality and gay marriage. For these voters the culture wars seem a relic of the past. There is also a slight slip in the number of Americans identifying themselves as Christian, down 10 points over the past 20 years. …

    Even in many religious circles — and these include the powerful evangelical movement — there is a growing engagement with other issues such as the environment, aid to the developing world and combating HIV. …

    Yet a powerful wing of the Republican party refuses to let go of the culture wars. Led by right-wing media figures such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, they have sought to portray Obama as a socialist-in-waiting and a threat to US democracy. They have painted him as pro-gay, anti-religious and anti-American.

    One Republican congresswoman, Michele Bachmann from Minnesota, even claimed last week that Obama planned to set up “re-education camps” for young Americans to be brainwashed in political correctness. But the impact of such extreme talk appears to have had little effect on ordinary Americans and served only to inflame conservatives who were already anti-Obama. Indeed, much of it has become fodder for jokes on late-night TV chat shows rather than serious political debate.

  7. Teleprompter says

    I think this will be great. I have heard many good things about Eller’s books. If I am up at 9 AM, I will probably tune in. If.

  8. Shamar says

    I’m in College Station, TX….I went to the website, and it said that I have to be in Minnesota to stream it live.

    Is there any way that I can listen to it?

  9. eddie says

    “guns, god and gays”…

    They worship guns, play around with gays and hate god.

    Hold, on…

    They worship gays, play around with god and hate guns.


  10. eddie says

    Also, I keep hearing it being reported “they’ve legalised gay marriage”…

    Let’s be clear, gay marriage has always been OK. The judgements have been that banning it is unconstitutional and hence illegal.


  11. eddie says

    And I got a reply from sympatico;

    Merci d’avoir contacté l’Équipe d’abus Internet Sympatico.
    Thank you for your recent message regarding Bell Sympatico Internet Service. You can expect a response from a Sympatico Member Services representative shortly.
    Please review the following information on Internet abuse related issues.
    Please note, that in order to investigate an abuse related investigation all senders must include all relevant logs or header information of the email received as well as a short description of the incident.
    (1) For information on obtaining email headers, follow this
    All complaints are taken seriously, should we receive a high volume of mail or that the issue has previously been addressed, we may not be able to respond individually to each message received. We investigate each case fully, once the investigation is complete, action in accordance with our policies will be taken against the offending account. Please understand that due to certain privacy concerns and legal restrictions, we cannot share with you the outcome of our investigation or the specific steps we take to address your concerns.
    1.Spam complaints
    If you are reporting “spam”, we require full headers of the email, (1) to investigate the complaint. We can only assist/investigate with spam that originates from the Sympatico network.
    2.Hacking Complaints:
    If you are reporting “hacking” attempts such as scans/probes that your firewall has detected, we will need the log files of your firewall program that indicate originating IP address, date and time in GMT format and the type of scan/probe. Please only provide logfiles that originate from the Bell Sympatico network. For more information on firewall programs and general network security, please follow this link:
    3.Virus Complaints:
    Every effort will be made to notify customers if we identify that they are transmitting computer virus (es). If you have received a virus via email from a Bell Sympatico customer, we require the complete email header (1). For additional information on virus and anti-virus software, please follow this link:
    For questions relating to Internet security please visit the Sympatico Abuse website:
    As Bell Sympatico does not allow any abuse of our Acceptable Use Policies, and we maintain a “zero tolerance” policy towards spam and network abuse of any kind. You are strongly encouraged to review our Acceptable Use Policy that is available at the following Web page:
    AUTO REPLY – Please do not respond.
    Thank you for contacting the Sympatico Internet Abuse team.

  12. eddie says

    Very strange. I used the drop-down blog selector on the top right of the page, and suddenly everything was brazilian! (and not in a nice way)

    I couldn’t read the entries but the one named Carbono14 looked promising. I went there and saw that even that was getting markuze spam!

    The horror. The horror.

  13. says

    Is there any way that I can listen to it?

    What Bjorn said, or you can pretend you are listening in Minnesota with a random zip code that starts with “55 or 56.”

    Our advertisers don’t mind, and the station doesn’t share revenue from their ads with us.

  14. Carl says

    Enjoyed both of David Ellers books Natural Atheism and Advanced Atheism he was a very good speaker at the American Atheist convention last year and It will be good to hear him on the radio.

  15. Carlie says

    I almost went to church this morning, but ended up watching Planet of the Dead instead, with time to spare for the radio show.

  16. Sili says

    Ah, too late to make the “he is risen” jokes.

    Well, I’m risen, too. At 3 pm. I think I need to adjust my ADs.

  17. says

    Adam, we like to think that we are an island of rationality on Sunday morning’s Sea of Woo. The only reason that we were able to get this time slot is that their alternatives were “Infomercials.”

  18. Adam C. says

    Sorry, that was a little vague, but I missed most of it to having muted to avoid te woo and missing the start. It sounded great as far as I heard, but it was only the last 15 minutes.

  19. says

    Lovely broadcast. I enjoyed it immensely, once I entered my (ahem) zipcode for my hometown here in (ahem) Minnesota after accidentally entering a false (ahem) postcode for some far-away international city where I, of course, do not (ahem) live. Because that would be silly. And probably illegal.

  20. Barklikeadog says

    Damn I missed it. Woke too late. Stayed up until 2 AM finishing a paper (thank dog I’m finished with that) Only my Thesis to finish now.

    Is there a saved copy somewhere that I can download & listen to?