Happy Easter!

Easter and the ‘Passion of Jesus’ is one of those things that makes way less sense the more you think about it. I remember being profoundly affected by the passion story as a child – a man making the ultimate sacrifice for the redemption of sins. It was a touching tale. Until I thought about it as an actual event, at which point it became a story about a street preacher getting tortured and killed by a brutal occupying force with the political support of a wealthy religious elite. Not exactly terribly inspiring or even unprecedented – sad, to be sure, but not particularly unique. And then there’s the whole “being a god” and “knowing he would return from the dead” thing that kind of takes the edge off the ‘sacrifice’ theme.

At any rate, maybe if they had showed this in Sunday school instead, I’d have had an easier time believing:

The payoff comes at around the 3-minute mark and is just non-stop hilarity right through to the end.

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  1. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    In the War of Easter … that’s a good sneak attack!

    But it’s a one-scene movie

  2. jesse says

    This is why I think (us) Jewish people have a much better holiday deal. Sure, you have to eat matzoh (though matzoh IS mighty good with dip for the Opening Day game should it happen to fall during the relevant week, and it makes a passable lasagna). But we get to hang around with family, get drunk on red wine, and celebrate the first labor strike in the history of civilization.

    Yeah, I grew up in a family of Socialists.

    And you lose a lot of weight, too. (You do end up giving up a lot of gluten). And who can say no to brisket?

    It just seems like Jewish holidays are more, I dunno, upbeat? Catholic stuff always seems full of this really bloody imagery. Like, when I was a kid I was actively frightened by some of the stuff Catholic families had. The ceramic bleeding Jesus heads on top of the TV were a fixture in my neighborhood. And don’t get me started on St. Sebastian iconography, or the fact that all the schools were named “our lady of suffering bleeding wounds” and such.

    And we got Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner in *our* movie. (Brynner steals the film, IMO).

  3. says

    @jesse – Did you not get the memo? When you’re a grown-up, you can eat however you want. No need to eat matzoh lasagne, you can just go get real lasagne. It’s just awesome.

  4. jesse says

    @Marcus — yeah yeah I know. I’m not a stickler about Passover these days.

    But really, have you actually tried using matzoh in various recipes? As a chip substitute it’s actually healthier than say, Doritos. And you gotta love macaroons, come on!

  5. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    I happen to like matzoh. Ex-Catholic.

    And the Crommunist never steers me wrong.

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