Nov 05 2012

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Why such a long face?

(via Ark in Space)


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  1. 1

    If that’s a gharial, maybe the reason for the long face is that they’re almost extinct?

  2. 2
    theophontes (恶六六六缓步动物)


    (No, not a surrealist answer. Really: fish!)

  3. 3
    Ogvorbis: Still failing at being human.

    I am amazed at how often the same basic shape has evolved among the archosaurs. From pterosaurs to crocodylians to some of the ichthyosaurs.

  4. 4

    Because all his/her relatives have been turned into shoes?

    I would’ve gone with this pic.

    It’s a gharial, Ichthy. But the linked article points out some good news for them.

  5. 5

    If you had paused for a moment, you would have realised that Ichthyic is already quite informed. I like the pic that you pointed to, though.

  6. 6
    Dick the Damned

    Why the long face? Jumpin’ Jeezus, don’t you Americans know anything? Steve Harper’s currently in India, eh.

  7. 7
    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]

    Better to eat you with, my dear.

  8. 8

    I’m impressed. That’s quite a face.

  9. 9

    Now he’s from Nose City.

  10. 10
    theophontes (恶六六六缓步动物)

    @ F

    Better to eat you with, my dear.

    The “F” in your nym stands for “Fish”?

  11. 11

    Paris Hilton?

    …oh, sorry. I read ‘long face’ and, well…

  12. 12

    Why the long face? No dental insurance.

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