Monthly Archive: December 2007

Dec 30 2007

Article in Louisville, Kentucky’s LEO Newspaper on Answers in Atheism

Here is the article on Answers in Atheism that appeared this week in Louisville, Kentucky’s independent newspaper LEO. It is supposed to be on line but I was only able to get this from cashed sources. Seems that the LEO’s server is down. We are being noticed. This is a good way to start the …

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Dec 29 2007

Eight Years after the Rapture, by Edwin Kagin

Eight Years after the Rapture, by Edwin Kagin As you know, the Rapture occurred at midnight, just as the year 2000 C.E. began. Just as had been predicted by many religious prophets. The coming New Year, at the stroke of midnight that welcomes the year 2008 C.E., will therefore begin the eighth year since the …

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Dec 26 2007

Atheist News from Edwin Kagin December 26,, 2007

AMERICAN ATHEISTS http://www.atheists.org ATHEIST, FIRST AMENDMENT ACTIVIST JOE ZAMECKI GUEST THURSDAY ON ANSWERS IN ATHEISM INTERNET RADIO JOE ZAMECKI, Texas State Director for American Atheists will be the guest on Thursday night, December 27, 2007 on the “Answers in Atheism” internet radio program. Find out what’s happening on the First Amendment front in Texas! Tune …

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Dec 24 2007

Atheists Radio X-MAS EVE Bash Update, by Edwin Kagin

AMERICAN ATHEISTS http://www.atheists.org Update: 12/24/07 ELLEN JOHNSON TO LEAD OFF HERETICS & BLASPHEMERS GODLESS X-MAS INTERNET PARTY “CHRISTMAS” EVE ELLEN JOHNSON, President of American Atheists will lead off a roster of prominent Atheist, Freethought, Humanist and other non-believer representatives tonight on the first annual HERETICS & BLASPHEMERS GODLESS X-MAS PARTY streaming live on the internet. …

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Dec 23 2007

Update on Atheist Xmas Eve Bash, by Edwin Kagin

AMERICAN ATHEISTS http://www.atheists.org Update: 12/23 SILVERMAN, EDWORDS SLATED FOR X-MAS EVE INTERNET BASH! Update: Dave Silverman, Communications Director for American Atheists and Fred Edwords, Contributing Editor at the American Humanist Association (AHA) will be guests at the HERETICS AND BLASPHEMERS GODLESS X-MAS PARTY slated for Monday night (12/24), “Christmas Eve.” Read more about this event …

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Dec 21 2007

Atheist Version of those Dreadful Christmas Letters, by Edwin Kagin

Are you sick of those sweet, syrupy Christmas letters piously sent out by obviously miserable non-reality grounded people at this time of year? Here is my version. Edwin. Christmas Letter. Dearest Beloved of Our Family in Christ, There have been many changes this year for our family. Our beloved 17 year old daughter suffered blindness …

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Dec 19 2007

Victory in Kentucky. Ministers Have to Pay Taxes, by Edwin Kagin.

Remember, the new Internet call-in radio sensation “Answers in Atheism,” will again air live tomorrow at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Tomorrow’s guest will be Dan Xenatro, the vice-coordinator of Connecticut Valley Atheists. Seems a local mayor or somesuch in their area, has decreed that only Christian kitsch can be displayed on their public building. Tune …

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Dec 13 2007

Conrad Goeringer on “Answers in Atheism” Tonight by Edwin Kagin

“Answers in Atheism,” the new Internet radio sensation, is honored to present, in a prerecorded program (Yes that means you cannot call in tonight. Sorry about that), Conrad Goeringer of American Atheists. He will be engaged in a lively conversation on the origins of Christmas in America, on Atheism, and other diverse matters. Joining us …

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Dec 07 2007


ON CHRISTMAS, or “NO, VIRGINIA, THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS” If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with “Merry Christmas” on his lips should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. He should! Uncle Ebenezer Scrooge (not to be confused with Uncle …

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