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Jun 13 2013

The first step is admitting you have a problem

The director of CFI Okanagan has reached out to me with a very important request: We have our Secular Sobriety group here in Kelowna and this is a huge deal for us as there is nothing else similar here and it is making an impact.  Unfortunately they don’t really have a steady place to meet and they don’t …

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May 06 2013

I’m not dead

Just dropping a note here to say that I am, in fact, not dead. Lot of irons in the fire at the moment, and writing has been the lowest on my list of priorities. Am currently working on something rather large, so expect that in a few days. My apologies to anyone for whom this …

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Apr 03 2013

Credit where it’s due

It’s an unfortunate reality for minority groups that they are often pressured to embody exemplary behaviour. Because of a tide of suspicion and hostility often flows against minority groups (some more than others), these groups must often model a standard of morality, fastidiousness, and earnestness that is not required of members of the majority group, …

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Jan 15 2013

Historical projection

Headline: "Dr. King Slain by Sniper in Memphis"

One of the things that blogging has moved me to do more often is to learn about history. I am somewhat ashamed to say that between, let’s say, grade 10 history class (which was in 2000) and the founding of this blog (in 2010), I was not exactly what you might call ‘a student of …

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Jan 12 2013

The Need for Utopia

Adam Swift, in his article “Would Perfect Mobility be Perfect?”* posed the following question to researchers of social inequality and advocates of social justice activism: should social justice be concerned with achieving ‘perfect’ social mobility** and therefore ‘perfect’ social equality, or should we simply accept that such a goal is fantasy and instead focus on …

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Nov 02 2012

Writing from Privilege

Ed cropped

I haven’t submitted any posts lately and for that I’m sorry; school has been kicking me around and my health hasn’t been stellar lately. At any rate, here’s a new submission. Enjoy! PS: I’d like to also say how happy I am that Jamie is now a contributor the blog. Looking forward to reading more …

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Oct 22 2012

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel BRAAAAAINS

So I will not be watching the foreign policy debate between President Obama and the Republican Windsock of Doom. Instead, I will be watching zombie movies and taking meticulous notes. An odd way for a politics junkie like myself to spend his evening, you might think. However, this movie watching is not simply idle recreation – …

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Oct 08 2012

A new experiment

Hey Cromrades, Those of you who follow me on Twitter might have noticed a friendship I have struck up with a guy going by the handle “Rev_Xavier”. Xavier is relentlessly funny and uncompromisingly skeptical when it comes to religion, alt-med, gender, pseudoscience, you name it. After a number of really fun conversations online, Xavier and …

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Feb 16 2012

Classic Crommunist: I have a perfect face for radio!

Writer’s block continues apace. Not going to lie – I’m not a big fan of it. However, since the vast majority of those reading are new to the blog, and I have a fat slab of archives that stretch back 2 years, I figure it won’t do too much damage to repost some stuff that …

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Feb 16 2012

Classic Crommunist: Being Creative without a Creator

So apparently I am, for the first time in nearly two years, afflicted with a case of writer’s block. I am obviously not too thrilled about it. Here is an older post of mine, in which I get explicit about my life as a musician. I suppose it’s appropriate to talk about where inspiration comes …

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