Creationism fading in Minnesota?

The Twin Cities Creation Science Fair has been suspended due to low participation.

Considering that belief in creationism is waning, particularly among young people, I guess I’m not too surprised. The last time I attended, too, most of the exhibits were just plain student science, with a pro forma Bible verse attached as required by the organizers, and it may also be that the home schooling parents would rather not be associated with an event hosted by the Twin Cities Creation Science Association. There is an MHA Science Fair, held in February as well, and their guidelines (pdf) are entirely secular.

Maybe for a change science is outcompeting religion.


  1. roachiesmom says

    Stephen —

    “Gerd did it!”

    I thought Gerd was that gastric reflux deity.

    Which actually explains a good bit, I suppose, about why that nonsense is so hard to stomach?