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Jan 15 2012

A Reader’s Guide to “On Homosexuality”

I have no idea what LOGBTQA means.  This was placed on my blog by an unhappy reader who didn’t like that I used the terms “homosexual” and “gay,” and suggested that LOGBTQ be used instead.   For the moment at least, I have decided to use the term (if a term it be) GLBT.   At least …

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Jan 14 2012

Omitted Reader Comment

The following writing apparently had not been approved for posting.  That is because I hadn’t seen it. A writer of such clear vision and such artful use of the language should in no wise be ignored.  So here it is.  Edwin   Caine, Fleur du Mal says: 14 January 2012 at 2:42 am My comment …

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Jan 14 2012

Thought Police of Freethought

  There seems to be a danger of Thought Police in the world of Freethought. You know, those know what is wrong with everything and want to tell you about it, regardless of the effect of their pronouncements on the future of our ability to say and do. When this blog first got going, it …

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Jan 12 2012

On Homosexuality

  I don’t care what other peoples’ sex practices are, so long as they don’t practice them in the streets and frighten the horses.  Oscar Wilde, I think.   Some years ago, on a camping trip, my friend Joe Ray and I resolved that should one of us be unfortunate enough to be bitten on …

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Jan 10 2012


  Now most people know that watches in pockets, Are made of different stuff than eyes in eye sockets. A watch doesn’t have wings, or flippers, or feet, A watch isn’t something another watch might just eat. A watch doesn’t live in a nest, cave, or hive, And that is because a watch isn’t alive. …

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Jan 09 2012

On Prayer pour Petri

                                                                                                                        Lord, what fools these mortals be!  Puck.   Be glad you are not a bacterium.  If you have an identity crisis, if you don’t know who you are, or your place in the universe, and this upsets you, while no one else cares, then be comforted by considering the plight of bacteria.  Some …

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Jan 08 2012

Atheist Edwin Kagin’s Poem on Creation and Evolution at the Public Schools of the Butterflies.

Ode to the Butterfly Mind   The Parliament of Butterflies Was racked by deep division Questions of what to teach the young Demanded their decision.   It had been known and taught and thought Since butterfly life began That butterflies in glory rose From their creator’s mighty hand   Now some few who this truth …

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Jan 07 2012

Edwin Kagin Abortion Satan Atheism

ON THE MYTHOLOGY OF ABORTION   Beware the man whose god is in the skies.                                                                                    -George Bernard Shaw   There is a movement afoot in America to prevent pregnant women from deciding whether or not to have a baby.  The control freaks who advocate this view characterize their beliefs as “pro-life” or “right to …

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Jan 05 2012

Atheist Edwin Kagin on Sex, Genitals, Morals, and God

From the Archives. Good thing this is all settled and over now and that there is no longer a problem, huh? ON GENITAL BASED MORALITY (GBM) Morals are manners, and manners are subject to change. Mrs. Carolyn Benton Cockefaire As this blasphemy goes to press in early February of 1999, the next to the last …

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Jan 04 2012

Two Poems by Atheist Edwin Kagin on Abortion and the Anti-Choice Movement

THE RIGHTS OF THE UNCONCEIVED   Let’s add to irrationality To nonsense unbelieved And urge, against free human choice, The rights of the unconceived   The unborn, however unwanted, Have protestors who defend Who will not take their misery home But make sure their paths begin   The maimed, the pained, the hopeless Have rights …

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