Nov 30 2011

A chat about drops of blood and chewed flesh

Just in case you haven’t heard enough about bogus Islamic embryology yet, I’ve been invited to call in to the TheJinnAndTonicShow on Saturday at 21:00GMT (which is sometime mid-afternoon my time…I’d better look it up). Tzortzis has also been invited to call in, but even if he doesn’t, we’ll have a grand time ripping up Muslim pseudoscience.

Oh, look…a promo!


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    Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    Yipes! Be careful, PZ! I hear that jynnantonnyx can be extremely dangerous… although I wonder what the effect will be on Tzortzis? If the quran accurately describes his neurology, it’s entirely possible that his physiology won’t respond the same way at all.

    ….Could that be the reason why alcohol is so feared in Islam?

  2. 2

    “Clay is a fine-grained hydrous aluminum phyllosilicate..”
    Well, Mohammed was probably talking about the silicon creatures of Star Trek I.
    Come to think of it, clay might make a fairly good deodorant, with the aluminum content.
    Either way, Mohammed had prior knowledge!

  3. 3

    Yeah, but will he be able to sing it from memory 20 years later like Rob Paulsen can?

  4. 4
    Glen Davidson

    Considering that the Quran is another creationist rag, it could hardly be right about much.

    Glen Davidson

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    Akira MacKenzie

    I can imagine Yakko Warner singing that song. Oh Animaniacs, where for art though?

  7. 7

    Hey PZ, I don’t know if you’ve seem this already but here’s a link to a Youtube guy who dealt with your encounter with Tzortzis and his sidekick at the Atheist convention. This is knowledgeable and sophisticated takedown of Tzortzis’s claims.


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  9. 9

    I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m simply not intelligent enough to comprehend the level of their stupidity, their ignorance and their dishonesty. I guess I’m just naive like that and I’m an adult, supposedly worldly, man…

    I think I shall be watching this jinnandtonicshow so as to better educate myself.

  10. 10
    Gregory Greenwood

    I made the mistake of clicking on rogerallen’s link @ 8.

    I learned only one* thing at that cesspool of theistic ignorance – as there are liars-for-Jeebus, so are there liars-for-Allah.


    * Well, two things actually; whoever created the motif for that website has quite the liking for clashing colours and almost illegible fonts.

    Still, at least it isn’t the usual ALL CAPS, random changes of font and text colour, and chronic abuse of exclamation marks that I have come to expect from frothing religious apologists.

  11. 11
    Rey Fox

    “Wherefor” means why, not where.

    (I’ve been on OKCUpid for a while, and one of the questions they ask in the Match questions is what “wherefore” means in the famous R&J quote. I’m dismayed at the number of potential ladyfriends I’ve looked at who not only answer “where”, but mark the answer “why” as “unacceptable” in looking for a match. You’re wrong, dammit, WRONG. Deal broken.)

  12. 12
    Rey Fox

    As for “wherefore” the Animaniacs art, I would say it’s because they’re zany to the max. The presence of baloney in their slacks may also be a contributing factor.

  13. 13

    I don’t know much about embryo development, does anyone know ( or care) what the Quran has to say about something simple like astronomy? Does the sun go round earth ?

  14. 14

    In all fairness, Gregory Greenwood, even other muslims think that lot are a little OTT

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    Evader, the parasite-infested branch on the evolutionary tree

    You don’t go to McDonalds for a salad.
    You don’t go to a prostitute for a hug.
    And you certainly don’t read the Quran for scientific information.

    This is not a matter of opinion, I can prove this on a home computer.

  16. 16

    You don’t go to McDonalds for a salad.

    they did, in fact, realize this, and so…


    now, if you generalize that to:

    “you don’t go to McDonald’s for good food”

    there is no way out of that conundrum for them.

  17. 17

    @PZ Myers, here is what Hamza has been upto lately, he has some harsh words for PZ

  18. 18

    he has some harsh words for PZ

    unless this develops into a cage match, there is little of interest in it.

    and frankly, while they both have decent facial hair, I think Hammy has the age advantage on PZ, so it wouldn’t be fair.

    now if you’re talking debate, there’s no fucking point. It would be like debating Fred Flintstone.

  19. 19

    Note the title “Hamza Tzortzis on the Intellectual Dishonesty of Professor Myers SHOCKING! 29/11/11″

    Let’s try some intellectual dishonesty shall we? :)

    Example 1
    1: Hamza tries to debate all kinds of things with PZ during his ambush, geology, hieroglyphics etc – but not embryology
    2: Adnan raises embryology and iERA get their asses kicked
    3: Hamza tries to turn the debate back to geology and hieroglyphics

    Example 2
    1: During the same ambush Adnan claims the Quran says nothing about evolution
    2: On BBC radio a couple of days ago he outright stated that evolution is incompatible with the Quran – is this a newly held position Adnan?

    Example 3
    1: During the Ireland atheist convention iERA ambush Dawkins
    2: Dawkins agrees to discuss evolution with Hamza
    3: Hamza says he has no opinion on evolution
    4: Yet previously Hamza wrote an article stating “Evolution doesn’t even get its foot in the door” – claiming there hasn’t been enough time since the formation of the Earth for evolution to work.

    I wonder why it is that the folks at iERA are only willing to discuss issues with people that are NOT their field of expertise? I wonder why they tell people they have no opinion on a subject when they do? I wonder why they tell them the Quran has nothing to say when it does?

    I wonder why Hamza will only agree to debate with PZ Myers in a formal debate where PZ is unable to stop him and say “Hang on a minute, can you substantiate the claim you just made?”

    I expect the answer is somewhat “SHOCKING! 29/11/11″ :-)

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