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The Traditional Values Coalition’s beauty standards

Warning: Transphobia and social conservatism ahead.

The “Traditional Values Coalition” once again has their hackles up over the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and this is the unapologetically hateful email they sent out yesterday:

Terrifying, isn’t it? If we can’t discriminate against trans people, then they might be able to hold a job, possibly even one that involves working with children! It’s almost like they think they’re human or something.

While there’s no information about the person depicted in their email or how they identify (and I doubt the TVC bothered to ask before using their picture), the attempt to police the appearance of trans people is obvious. It’s also a distraction. “Look, trans women are scary!” isn’t their true objection at all. Would they be equally upset about cis women being allowed to teach children if these women don’t meet a mainstream standard of feminine attractiveness? No. And would they suddenly be okay with trans women teaching children if they were  all beauty pageant contestants? Not a chance. They don’t have a problem with trans people because of how they look. They have a problem with trans people because we exist.

(via Jeremy Hooper/Good As You)