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Jun 09 2013

Parable of the Party


For those earnest riders to the rescue. My, what a busy life you’ve got. You haven’t been able to keep up on the goings-on amongst people you hang out with, not for years. Always something, innit? You’ve exchanged hellos, and occasionally caught a little bit of the ne ws. You’ve heard there’s been some bad …

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Jun 08 2013

For Queen and Country

geo keep calm

I don’t know who came up with this meme, but I love them. Introduce me if you know the originator. Yes, Mum! There are some utterly spectacular, drool-worthy images on the Pinterest page I filched that from. Go enjoy, and drop by this snazzy science meme Pinterest while you’re at it.

Jun 07 2013

A Landscape in a Hand Sample: To Settle

We began in fire. Let’s quench that fire with a little water. Sedimentary rocks don’t always form in water, mind, but many of them do. Sedimentary I’m cheating a little bit. This isn’t just a very nice piece of sandstone, it’s one with some apparent Liesegang banding. But that’s the charm of sedimentary rocks: while …

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Jun 06 2013

How Many Fires Should the Arsonists be Allowed to Set?

So there’s this thing a lot of decent people (and isn’t it remarkable how they’re almost always men?) have been doing. It happens in public with people like Lee Moore and Michael Nugent playing at being peace brokers; it happens in private, with friends and respected colleagues comparing the harassers and the harassees to the …

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Jun 05 2013

New at Rosetta Stones: Something Old (and, Remarkably, Less Boring Than You’d Expect)

So I’m still wrestling with Franklin Falls, I’ve 10,000 things to distract me, and I’m sadly behind on pretty much everything. But some of the stuff from my old days is going to be new to some of you, so what the heck – let’s share the ETEV love with Rosetta Stones. I shall show …

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Jun 05 2013

Help Give “Survival of the Fittest” a Right Proper Kick in the Arse

Bebbe chickadee! Too young to walk or fly.

Our own RQ sent me pictures that will make you squee. Isn’t that precious? But wait! There’s more!

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Jun 05 2013

Mystery Flora/Cryptopod Double Header: Light & Dark

Mystery Flora/Cryptopod I

Lots of mysteries lately, I know. I’ve been dealing with the mystery of Franklin Falls. It’ll be easy, sez I. Snoqualmie Batholith and some hornfels, sez I. Nothing simpler, sez I. Then I had to go and ask the question, “Well, what was the hornfels before it was hornfels?” And this is where my best …

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Jun 04 2013

Bodacious Botany: Wicked

A huge hunka hornfels ripped up by a root ball. Evelyn's very useful giftie for scale.

We found two versions of wicked botanical denizens of the Pacific Northwest when we walked the Old Snoqualmie Pass Wagon Road Trail (the trail is shorter than its name) on Saturday. That trail makes a nice loop out of the Franklin Falls hike: it doesn’t add much distance to your trip, and you get to …

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Jun 03 2013

A Cobbly Work of Art

geo art pun

Geology art + geology pun = pretty much a win, methinks. Kinda looks like Callan… I think it’s the beard. And the enthusiasm.

Jun 03 2013

Three Posts that Should Be Required Reading for Ron Lindsay


Greta Christina has gone and said about all I could have said about this situation, and so much more. Ron Lindsay is a fool if he doesn’t read, then seriously contemplate, both of her posts. A Blatant Misrepresentation — And An Insulting One: The Content of Ron Lindsay’s WiS2 Talk He Treated Us With Contempt: …

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