Voter ID Laws

I was notified on Flickr that a group had used one of my photos for an article. I was a bit worried for a second because the photo that was used was this one:

Vote Yes on Voter ID

In my brain: “Please don’t be a pro-Voter ID article, please don’t be a pro-Voter ID article…”

I was happy to discover that the article was entitled: “How the New Voter ID Laws Impede Disadvantaged Citizens“. The article is on the The Society Pages Scholars Strategy Network. “SSN participants share a commitment to connecting good public policymaking to citizen engagement and responsive democratic government.”

Voter ID laws have more potential to disenfranchise minority voters than to solve the fake non-issue of in-person voter fraud. I’m pleased as punch that an article pointing out the downsides of Voter ID laws is using my work. Also, here’s another shout out for Creative Commons – sometimes your original content shows up in some pretty cool places!


  1. ericblair says

    I’d be more inclined to support voter ID laws when:

    A: Romney shows ALL his tax returns and gives us specifics about his policies;

    B: SuperPACs are forced to reveal the identities of their donors and the amounts they give.

    Mit Romney?


    Ohne Romney!

  2. says

    You know how they make sure everybody votes once and once only in India (with voter numbers in ten digits) ?

    The presiding officer marks your skin with indelible dye. By the time you’ve managed to scrub it off, the polls have already closed.

    Easy, isn’t it?

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