Why Are You Atheists So Angry?

I have a new book to read on the plane ride to Reason Rally on Friday!

Greta Christina is the author of Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things that Piss of the Godless. The first part of the title is funny because it plays off the common misconception that atheists are angry all the time because we don’t know God, or don’t have God’s peace, or something like that. Greta Christina steps up and makes the argument that while we’re often very happy people, we ARE angry about some things, and we have very good reason to be angry about them! As she mentions in the upcoming documentary Scarlet Letter, “Anger isn’t necessarily a sign that there’s something wrong with you. Sometimes anger is a sign that there’s something wrong with the world.”

You can read Greta’s blog about her new book, and you can order it for Kindle from Amazon. Why Are You Atheists So Angry should also be up for Nook and Smashwords in a week or so, and a paper edition is slated for April.


  1. says

    Looks interesting. Definitely a travel book for you.

    If you get bored at the conference this weekend, Photoshop world is running concurrently somewhere in D.C., so you have outs.


  2. says

    Where might you be found at the Rally? Are you attending the after-party at Lauriol Plaza?

    (Also, the ebook seller is called Smashwords. Smashmouth is something else.)

    • Brianne Bilyeu says

      Yes, we’ll be at Lauriol Plaza – see you there? I have no plans for during the Rally, but we’ll be there early to explore – rain or shine! And thanks for the “Smashmouth” catch. Smashmouth? Really Brianne?

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