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Nov 30 2012

Geeking for Good

Is your Google-fu better than mine, up for the challenge of finding a long-lost game?

Nov 26 2012

Emergency Contraception OTC: It’s Time

Female in silhouette: "Why yes, we did help you get elected." Additional text: 1 in 3 people experience barriers in accessing EC. Fix that. Emergency contraception needs to be in our hands.

Women, in particular women of color, were critical in getting Obama re-elected. It’s time we/they got something in return.

Nov 11 2012

The Final Reckoning

None of this would have happened without you.

Nov 08 2012

Last Chance to Jump In

Not everyone has the opportunity to take technology for granted the way we do.

Nov 05 2012

Thanking Donors

Not a bad way to spend the Monday before election day.

Nov 03 2012

Atheism Really Does Equal Communism!

Ability! Means! Needs! We’ve got it all.

Nov 01 2012

Give The Hunger Games

Picture showing the "Match or gift code" field just above the buttons for choosing type of payment.

Tempt struggling readers with something they really want to read. Plus, all your donations will now be matched to $100.

Oct 30 2012

Access to Civil Rights History

Teaching technology and history at the same time.

Oct 28 2012

Students Building a Curriculum

One of the best ways students can truly learn their subject is to teach it to someone else.

Oct 25 2012

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Socks

All too often, the history of our country (and any other history really) is presented as a series of dates and battles.

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