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Jun 01 2013


Find out just how much more powerful Shelley Segal’s songs and voice are in person.

May 14 2013

That’s What Jolly Meant

Paul Bunyon looking very bear-ish in cutoff shorts, arm in arm with the Jolly Green Giant. Text: In Minnesota, "Equal" Equals Love.

Because, you know, I needed another reason to be happy about this.

Mar 27 2013


Is this your sort of thing, or do you now need to listen to figure out what sort of thing it is?

Mar 04 2013

Don’t Tell Mama

“So, you’ve had a little discussion group with the dancers to make sure they all understand what the song’s about?”

Feb 13 2013

When Even “Better” Is the Enemy

Is this not worth taking the risk?

Dec 25 2012

On Making Merry

I love that someone says we’re still allowed to have our melancholy and our minor keys.

Nov 25 2012

Unplug the Jukebox

Adam Ant is back.

Oct 27 2012

Embracing the Euphemism

Individually, euphemisms bug me. Collectively, however….

Oct 06 2012

I Just Chewed at the Dime

If you sing it at full volume, you’re at least remembering to breathe.

Sep 03 2012

Wedding Photos

Interlocked rings draped over stone in front of candles with strong shadow.

It turns out I have some odd ideas of what constitutes wedding photography.

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