The Cyber Spirits Favor Her

A little conversation about the denial-of-service attack on Freethought Blogs, Skepchick, and Feminist Frequency. With libel for…spice?

The Storify is here if you can’t read the embed.


  1. Wowbagger, Designated Snarker says

    Marcus Ranum wrote:

    By “vitriol” I assume she means “interesting content”?

    Given Sara’s history you can never know what she means by any word she uses. Well, apart from ‘TED Fellow’…

  2. says

    Here’s how to know when you’re acting like a jerk: you’re fighting with David Gorski. That guy is the sweetest, most soft spoken, focused and hard working skeptic I can think of (except maybe Steve Novella.) I’m not saying he’s a saint, but his patience and compassion on the whole Burzynski ordeal border on supernatural. If you’ve drawn his ire, you messed up somewhere.

  3. says

    It’s a minor inconsistancy, but interesting: at one time, Sara Mayhew is throwing Feminist Frequency under the bus with Skepchick and FtB, then she seems to exonerate at least that website:

    5:41 PM “these three sites don’t know how to handle their troll problem (my emphasis)

    9:47PM “I feel sorry for @femfreq getting DDoS”.

    Maybe she should make up her mind.

  4. says

    Irene, she’s talking out of both sides of her mouth. This isn’t an accidental inconsistency. She did the math. She knows how many bridges she’s burned in the skeptic community. Feminist Frequency has a wider audience in the geek community. That @ mention wasn’t an accident.

  5. Stacy says

    Cathy Young is the one who accused Amanda Marcotte of wanting to deny legal presumption of innocence to accused rapists, isn’t she?

    And, funny how Mayhew is back to whining about supposed terrible things that have been allegedly said about her once upon a time. Oddly, despite her recent vitriolic attacks on Rebecca Watson (“cuntmouthed moron,” anyone?) I wouldn’t rationalize as “understandable” anyone who DDOS’d her.

  6. says

    @changerofbits, as someone who has written code using the Storify API I can confirm it is up and down like the Assyrian Empire … Seems to be more due to them than DoS!

  7. says

    @pneumo, interesting, you’d think buying fake Twitter followers to artificially raise your social media profile. Harass other tweeps so much that Twitter suspend your account for abuse and making obviously false claims, including anti-Semitism, would be enough?

  8. Xellos says

    Sorry, but I have literally never heard of you, not to mention heard of you getting DDoS’d.

    Not a happening.

  9. says

    Child, you’re a college student in a country we’re barely read in. If you’ve heard about this, you’re probably not paying enough attention to your studies. But you just keep trying to insist that only things that happened in your world actually happened. Also, take some time to have someone explain “solipsism”.

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