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Aug 11 2012

Not a Pretty Picture

The "happy couple" in this detail from one of Sinclair's photos are 16 and 14.

Still, looking is truly the very least we can do.

Aug 07 2012

For the Edge the Best Ones Live On

One for the science fiction and fantasy fans.

Jun 20 2012

Just in Time

Exactly what I needed.

Jun 19 2012

Now With Added Pony


A pony of my very own.

May 29 2012

The Freedom of the Artist

What do Karl Rove, the terraforming of Mars, and missionaries singing English hymns in Japan have in common?

May 15 2012

But It’s Satire!

The reason we're still talking about this is that is took work and courage. If you were this good, you wouldn't be reading this blog.

Or, The Stephen Colbert Defense

May 10 2012

Jesus Christ Superhero

And he thought he had such a clever idea.

Apr 30 2012


Everybody wants charm and a smile and a promise.

Apr 25 2012

We See a Different Frontier

A chance to be in at the start of a different sort of science fiction anthology. I already ordered mine.

Apr 18 2012


This is a fairly accurate representation of my mental capacity at the moment.

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