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Name: Stephanie Zvan
Date registered: August 26, 2011
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Stephanie Zvan is an analyst by trade, but she's paid not to talk about it. She is also the associate president of Minnesota Atheists and one of the hosts for their radio show and podcast, Atheists Talk. She speaks on science and skepticism in a number of venues, including science fiction and fantasy conventions. Stephanie has been called a science blogger and a sex blogger, but if it means she has to choose just one thing to be or blog about, she's decided she's never going to grow up. In addition to science and sex and the science of sex, you'll find quite a bit of politics here, some economics, a regular short fiction feature, and the occasional bit of concentrated weird. Oh, and arguments. She sometimes indulges in those as well. But I'm sure everything will be just fine. Nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.

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Apr 10 2014

So You’ve Got Yourself a Policy. Now What?

So you really, really want to get this right the first time, but all you have to go on is one ambiguous incident. This is not a fun place to be.

Apr 09 2014

The Reading List, 4/9/2014

A periodic feature where I share my Twitter and Facebook links with my blog audience too.

Apr 08 2014

Poo at a Wall, Part II (Updated)

In which Edie Kendel continues to try to find dirt on me, and I continue to be boringly straightforward.

Apr 08 2014

We Used to Be a Duo

This made me very happy.

Apr 06 2014

Skeptech Is Over

Such conference. How talks. Many people. Wow.

Apr 06 2014

The Reading List, 4/6/2014

A periodic feature where I share my Twitter and Facebook links with my blog audience too.

Apr 05 2014

Saturday Storytime: Turnover

“I think life farming on the New World sounds tedious in the extreme. And I think you’d hate it even worse than I would.”

Apr 04 2014

I’m Just a Bill

Photo of Minnesota House bill #2966, allowing atheist and humanist nonprofits that sponsor training for marriage officiants to appoint such officiants.

Isn’t it pretty?

Apr 03 2014

How Does This Become a Thing?

Off in a random corner of YouTube, I accidentally discovered mime dance.

Apr 02 2014

What I’m Really Doing at Skeptech

No, I’m not interviewing Rebecca Watson at Skeptech, on destroying movements or anything else.

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