Paul Ryan rolls out his April 1st budget joke

Except sadly, Ryan isn’t joking. The esteemed steely-blue-eyed granny starver released his not-much anticipated budget today. It has lofty goals! Raise the standard of living for working class and poor families, increase economic growth, and reduce the deficit. Conservatives from all corners of the nation, many still cringing from the success of Obamacare, are bragging it does all this and more (So much more!) by … cutting taxes on zillionaires, slashing social safety net programs, taking health care away from about ten to twenty million people and robbing millions more of benefits, and deregulating everything from Wall Street to energy:

WaPo — Overall, Ryan would cut about $5.1 trillion from projected spending over the next decade, with nearly $3 trillion coming from repealing the health-care law and revamping Medicaid. Still, Ryan’s proposals fell short of balancing the budget, forcing him to resort to a vague promise of new revenue from “economic growth” to meet his goal of wiping out deficits by 2024.

Republican Jesus would be proud. That’ll do Paul, that’ll do.


  1. busterggi says

    I remember how the Tea Baggers were proud to say they were all for cutting the Pentagon’s budget & punishing Wall Street back in ’08. They appear to have forgotten that, as always.

  2. comfychair says

    Cutting spending* will reduce the number of moochers so hence and therefore voila, the ecomony will improve.

    *well, as long as it’s only cuts to stuff that goes to the poors, we aren’t currently spending enough on the jerb creators, apparently

  3. Reginald Selkirk says

    Paul Ryan Tries to Enlist Social Science to Back Up His Poverty Plan, Disaster Ensues

    By Jonathan Chait
    … This year, Ryan has dramatically changed course. He has prefaced his budget with a review of the scholarly literature of the entire range of federal anti-poverty programs… Basically everything in Ryan’s report turns out to be wrong. The Fiscal Times contacts a number of researchers whom Ryan cites, and they all report that Ryan knows nothing of their work:…
    Meanwhile, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has a longer list of the errors, distortions, and omissions in Ryan’s report. Even libertarian economist Tyler Cowen concludes that Ryan’s report presents “only a marginal command of the scholarly literature, and it is a good example of how the conservative movement is still allowing the poverty issue to defeat it and tie it up in knots.” …

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