George Zimmerman back in jail


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I’m begging for change in readers’ Paypal accounts and this clown is free to cash in on tragedy. I guess life isn’t fair and that’s saying it mildly.

I didn’t cover the Trayvon Martin story, much, because it was covered really well all over the place and there wasn’t much to add. Only one eyewitness survived. But since skating on those charges charges, the creep that killed Trayvon has been in all kinds of trouble involving guns and allaged threats. . This weekend George Zimmerman was arrested again in a pattern that’s become all too familiar:

NY Daily News — Two separate 911 calls obtained by TMZ, one from Scheibe and one from Zimmerman himself, captured the chaos of the moment. “You put your gun in my freakin’ face!” Scheibe yells at Zimmerman as she tells the dispatcher he pushed her out of her home. “He knows how to do this, he knows how to play this game,” she tells the dispatcher.

Scheibe told cops he had a shotgun, an AR-15 rifle and two handguns in her home. She said the two had been together since August and that she told Zimmerman to leave her house. “I’m not walking over there yet, I don’t think he’d do anything but I don’t think he has nothing to lose at this point,” she says of the acquitted killer.
The wannabe cop was arrested outside their Apopka, Fla. home, 15 miles north of Orlando. But before being apprehended, Zimmerman made a 911 call of his own, claiming his girlfriend, pregnant with his child, had gone nuts and started smashing things. Cops later disputed Scheibe is pregnant.

Zimmerman then allegedly pushed the lady out the door of her own house and calmly called 9-11. He went on to explain he did nothing wrong, his girlfriend is “crazy,” and he was trying to sooth things down. It’s a little eerie to listen to, it sounds like he knows exactly what to say and odds are, given his past, he does. Unfortunately for Zimmerman he happened to say it while he was barricaded in his girlfriend’s house refusing to let the police in. This follows a very similar incident with his estraned wife a few weeks ago. Sadly, she dropped the charges. Hopefully this will be enough to get this clown off the street or at least revoke his concealed permit for the personal arsenol he now proudlu carries and allegedly brandishes without a care in the world.


  1. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says


    That Zimmerman is back in jail anyway. I’m not at all surprised.

    Cops later disputed Scheibe is pregnant.

    Of all the things they could dispute that would have to be about the strangest. Aren’t there very easy tests that show that unambigously one way or t’other and does it even really matter to the facts in this case?

  2. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    I’m begging for change in readers’ Paypal accounts and this clown is free to cash in on tragedy. I guess life isn’t fair and that’s saying it mildly.

    So true sadly.

    But I get the feeling that Zimmerman like OJ will eventually end up getting at least some of what’s coming to him karma~wise. Perhaps this is the start of it.

    Both cases are good reasons why the whole double jeopardy* law ought to be abolished or at minimum modified for cases like theirs.

    * Can’t be tried twice for same crime law – that is double jeopardy right?

  3. says

    The only surprise here is that it’s taken so long.

    @SteveoR #2 – Yes, that’s double jeopardy. Keep in mind, though, that the Framers put that into the Bill of Rights for a reason: the alternative is to end up in the same situation as Amanda Knox, who is on trial in Italy for the THIRD time regarding the murder of Meredith Kercher: the first time resulted in a conviction, the second time her conviction was overturned, and the third time to try and reconvict her.

    If you think trials are obscenely expensive farces done mainly to pad a law firm’s bank account, imagine what it would be like if people could be tried over and over and over again until the defendant died of old age.

  4. says

    Double-jeopardy is one of those things that I think does more good than harm. It falls, for me, squarely under the Blackstone ideal that it is better to see guilty people go free than to allow an innocent person suffer.

    We had our crack at Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon. Our energies in that regard should be focused on getting rid of the Stand Your Ground laws and gun culture that allowed Zimmerman to get away with a murder he freely confessed to.

    This time the person he is targeting is white and female. I doubt this will go so well for him.

  5. says

    Zimmerman seems to think that guns have a proper place in an argument. This is a sad commentary on our society because this notion has become quite pervasive. Indeed, Rand Paul recently pined for the day when dueling was a reasonable way to settle a debate. With a woman.

    Think about that for a second. A potential major player in an American political party who thinks resorting to guns is a reasonable thing to do in a debate.

  6. sigurd jorsalfar says

    “Aren’t there very easy tests that show that unambigously one way or t’other and does it even really matter to the facts in this case?” Indeed there are, Steve. And do you think the police should be able to perform such tests on a complainant on the say so of people like George Zimmerman?

    “Both cases are good reasons why the whole double jeopardy law ought to be abolished or at minimum modified for cases like theirs.” No they aren’t.

  7. busterggi says

    Zimmerman will continue to go unpunished until he does something so publically that the police and prosecutors can’t cover for him anymore.

  8. lorn says

    It is only a matter of time. The only question is what order and form the inevitable will take but it is a sure thing that George Z will:

    1) Cross the line where he commits a felony and will either far less, or far more, problems dealing with guns.

    2) Blow up. His whole schtick is as an angry white guy who resents having lost status, position, and some portion of privilege.

    If #1 happens first there is some chance he may be relieved of his guns and #2 will either be as a white power/pro gun advocate (lots of people on the right would pay good money to read a ghost written book with his name on it because they see a lot of him in themselves.) , or domestic terrorist. Of course #1 would be exactly the sort of event that would trigger #2.

    If #2 happen first you may see some small but lame acting out that may get someone, perhaps himself, killed. But assuming he lives through it you can pretty much guarantee that the state will be coming for his guns. As I understand it the state police, as opposed to local, are involved and are making sure all eis are dotted and tees crossed when the Sanford police department is handling Mister Zimmerman.

  9. Al Dente says

    He went on to explain he did nothing wrong

    That’s always been his contention. He shoots Martin, he did nothing wrong. He assaults his ex-wife, he did nothing wrong. He sticks a gun in his girlfriend’s face and locks her out of her own house, he did nothing wrong. Whatever Zimmerman does, he fails to see any fault in it.

  10. prodegtion says

    Zimmerman, like Michael Shermer, is completely innocent. I fucking hate feminists so much. They are worse than the creationists in the way they distort facts to fit their preconceptions.

    You have NOTHING. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. NO evidence. NONE. I fucking HATE people who attack people who haven’t done anything wrong just to prove a political point.

  11. prodegtion says

    @12: Do you not believe in a person’s right to self defense?

    He didn’t do anything wrong.

  12. prodegtion says

    @4: Wow. You’re really against double jeopardy? Saying “double jeopardy does more harm than good” is an asinine thing to say. There is no question that double jeopardy does far more good than harm. Do you really believe that?

    There are plenty of third world countries you can move to where the justice system works the way you apparently want it to.

  13. Trebuchet says

    He’s out now, bailed out by his racist buddy Frank Taffey. Or, as I call him, Taffy-for-brains. Taffey was on Nancy Grace (a daily double of losers!) proclaiming that poor George is being persecuted by the press. Liberal media and all that.

    And he’s been ordered to turn in his guns.

  14. trina says

    Prodegtion: you can’t be racist against white people. Sorry to disillusion you. Prejudiced/biased? Yeah. But racism is not something white people experience.

    And a big laugh at the idea that there is no evidence. What was he doing waving a gun around then? Giving it a good airing out?

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