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Thanks again for the help folks. The way things are going, health improving and some donations that have already come in thanks to a few reg readers, I’ll probably avoid humiliation, the ER, and homelessness for at least another month.

Speaking of health, what the hell is up with Toronto mayor Rob Ford? The guy has been busted on video doing all kinds of crazy things including bragging about how he would whack someone with his bare hands in the midst of a drunken crack binge. He’s now under fire for lewd comments made after that confession and promise to clean up:

NY Daily News — In another bizarre day for Hizzoner, Ford began with an obscenity-laced denial that he asked a city staffer for oral sex. While on live TV, Ford used a vulgar term to describe a private part of the female anatomy, adding that he was “happily married” and “got more than enough to eat at home.”

You guys have seen all this no doubt, but here’s a good time to mention of the role genetics can play in morbidity. So there’s healthy as shit lean me and there’s hard partying blob Rob Ford. Which one of those guys had the sudden massive heart attack again? Given the risk behaviors he’s admitted to already, how is Ford still alive and undamaged? The answer is he hasn’t escaped and has almost certainly damaged himself. My guess is Ford is cardiovascular blockage walking on two varicose legs, heading for all kinds of long term health issues, assuming he doesn’t just blow a gasket and drop dead any day now.

Since Ford lives in Canada, where residents enjoy a world-class single payer healthcare system, and presumably has some personal and professional resources being the mayor of the largest city in the country, help is available. He should take advantage of that, before it’s too late. It’s tempting to laugh along, especially when the Kewl Kidz on cable news are having a ball cackling and giggling at the fat guy, but this isn’t funny. He’s gonna kill himself.

Rob Ford’s career isn’t at risk, that’s done for. It’s his life that’s in immediate danger if he doesn’t get checked in to a medical rehab facility somewhere real quick.





  1. badgersdaughter says

    Really, all you had to say about it was essentially “You’re obnoxious, and by the way, also fat”?

  2. jamessweet says

    I don’t know how much I really want to share from my personal experience, but anyway…

    The post-apology outburst may be partially a result of the alcoholism, even if he wasn’t drinking at the time. When you spend a lot of your time inebriated, you spend a lot of time practicing poor impulse control. It can take a surprising amount of sober time to start to improve on that. It’s not like he can quit drinking on Monday, and on Tuesday act with total restraint and civility….

  3. roggg says

    FWIW, Ford has a very real chance of getting re-elected next year. You still hear his supporters mumbling about tax savings and what not. His approval in some areas went up after all the drug allegations and admissions came out. He is supported by a belligerent and selfish sub-group, and this being municipal government, any group that turns out in large numbers can swing an election.

  4. baryogenesis says

    The latest polls have shown that he would not be reelected, esp. after the past couple of days. He has lost the support of other right-of-centre councillors as well as editorial support of the most right-wing rag, The Sun (altho they are giving him air time on their obscure cable TV show to boost ratings). What are the odds that he can recover both his image and support by next fall’s election?

    BTW, his brother Doug has said: “It was kind of like what they did to Jesus.” !

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