Dozens turn out for Teaparty hyped “million vet” march

It wasn’t quite the million vets Teaparty activists bragged about. In full a media managed performance art circle of absurd, dozens of arch conservative and neo-confederates did stomp through DC demanding democrats reopened government sites closed down by Teaparty Republicans, who were in turn purportedly pandering to the same ugly grassroots element yelling about the closures. But among the couple of hundred that attended were clowns like Larry Klayman, Ted Cruz, and Sarah Palin. And supporters did manage to proudly wave around a confederate flag. Watch.


  1. Bicarbonate says

    Looks like the beginning of a lynching of a black female police officer. All those people pressing around with their cameras remind me of the folks with iphones pressing around a beheading in Syria to get a close up of the knife going back and forth through the jugular.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Too bad the camera was so close–it’s always fun to see the “mob” from a distance, where you can get a better sense of the numbers.

  3. DrewN says

    Most of the people in the crowd looked like they were just there to take photos of the crowd. Extra points to the guy who brought a camera attached to a 10 ft pole though.

  4. Alverant says

    I saw this on Raw Story. They’re still repeating the lie about President Obama being muslim. No proof is offered, just the accusation. Nothing says “We support the Constitution” like ignoring the part about “freedom of religion” and “no religious test for office”.

  5. Ex Patriot says

    It appears that most of these inbreds have the IQ’s of a sea slug.It is a shame that these idiots can actually vote when they can’t count past 20 because they will run out of fingers and toes.

  6. Lofty says

    Ex Patriot

    when they can’t count past 20 because they will run out of fingers and toes.

    Actually due to stupid accidents many can’t count past 17.

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